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There is nothing better! I can go in there and get an entire wardrobe for under $100, which is why I need an entire third room of my house to contain my clothes. And it just works perfectly with my sense of style - I hate malls and commercial clothing stores where everyone walks out with the same items, dressing the same. I cant stand looking like anyone else, and I know whatever I find in a thrift store is likely not going to be in anyone else's closet. And I always find great used books, movies, and household knick knacks as well. Besides the great, cheap finds, there is just something so satisfying about the cycle and the energy, it is almost a spiritual experience to welcome something that someone else has loved into your own life. I find that there is a certain energy attached to the clothes that I buy, a story behind each item. But sometimes that energy can be negative, so I have began to research ways to clear my clothing of energy, since I dont need that in my home, and Ive heard stories about energies remaining attached to clothing. One thing I have found was using a sage ritual to "clear out" the energy. Havent tried it yet, but will whenever I get ahold of some sage, haha.

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Thrifts are the best! Thanks for the story! My entire wardrobe is composed of piles and piles of thrift store clothing and accessories. It's really exciting because you never know what you're going to find! And I love mixing random pieces together. You can come up with some interesting outfits!

I've found Era laundry soap and Downy fabric softener clear that negative energy away in nothing flat.

Our town has so many thrift stores one of them the lady doesnt charge but pennies almost all her clothing is 10-25 cents. I have so many thing i have gotten from her to resell on ebay from old cards to clothing she just wants to move it ASAP I love her store!

I agree and I also like to shop at thrift stores, once I found a very nice long leather coat. That leather coat looked like I spent a fortune on it but I didn't, matter of fact I got it for a whooping $6.00 and I thought I was large and in charge. It was great how I got so many compliments from so many people. Until now I never told anyone how much I paid for it, I just always remember to count my blessings no matter how big or how small.

I do take a rest from garage-sale and thrift-store shopping once in a while. And sometimes I go even if there is nothing I am looking for, just to see if I "accidentally" run across something I can use. It amazes me that some old aunt or grandma, sat down and pieced together a quilt top, and then maybe she died or was put in a nursing home, never finished it, and her family will give it to the thrift store! I have bought several bags of fabric in the thrift store, only to find entire quilt tops in them! I usually try to finish those and think of all the hard work someone went through to make them! I dont know how I feel about "negative energy" but I cant say that I have ever felt that. I am too blessed to be distressed, so maybe I am just too ignorant to recognize it if it fell on top of my hea! I am just blissfully happy when I find something that I can use!

i had a thrift store garage sale adiction and shoes and pocket books and anyhting i could "collect" to push away my problems. I had a problem with that, i failed to see. but when u walked into my house it looked like and still does look like a thrift store. another great thing that is free is curb shopping or garbage picking which ever you prefer. my whole living room is from there, except the couch or chairs. unless i know the person. some things are just not aceptable. lol. but i never thought about negative energy. i have a cloud of i dont know what hanging over me. maybe i should get rid of the second hand things. never thought about it. i was told that when u steal something that it causes negative karma. i had stolen a few things, i am very ashamed of it. i got rid of them all. no matter what it was or if i wanted it. but there is still that cloud. hummmm. well in a way i miss all those saturdays of garage sales. So all of you have fun! and if anyone knows how to check on this energy thing, please let me know. thanks

When I travel I must go to a few thrift stores and see what they have, I leave room in my suitcase for these wonderful purchases, in TN I found a box of 3 Christopher Ratko Xmas decorations, brand new, for 2.50! That was a find..

Not too keen on used clothing, but I buy all my silverware, bowls, cups, and plates at Goodwill. I like everything to be different at the table (I don't actually HAVE a table, but you know what I mean) so it's like a collage or something.<br />
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Thank you for the story!

i shop there too, at the goodwill. they have shirts for like $4 each!!! and tons of designer stuff. i once found a Christian Dior blazer. it was too small for me though... :(

Thrift shops are a bargain hunters paradise !<br />
<br />
I love them and plan whole trips around them, eg<br />
<br />
I had to visit a specialist in another town, so left enough time to go visit the 6 op shops there.<br />
<br />
Came home with loads of bargains for my bookshelf,wardrobe and kitchen.<br />
<br />
AND change from $30

OMG that looks like the store in Davenport, IA. MY former step daughter lives not to far... wow.

Smudging with sage is a cleansing thing, and smells wonderful too. :)<br />
And you can find so many origional little treasures while thrift-store shopping. :D

thank you for the suggestions :)

Any good herbalist will have sage bundles. Just google it and I am sure that you will find many vendors on the 'net.<br />
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You can get as simple or as complex as you want when using sage to clear negetivity. It can be as simple as lighting your bundle, moving it around the clothing in all directions and saying a simple release.....