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I Shop At Thrift Stores

It's great shopping at Thrift Stores. You can get much for so little. Most of my furniture comes from thrift stores. Also same for my clothing. It's even better when they have their bag buy the bag and fill it up some thrift stores a bag is just $3.50 others it is $5.00 One can put alot of clothes in a bag. I enjoy shopping at thrift stores...I enjoy shopping. The most I've spent at one time in a thrift store is $50.00 I usually get all I want there for under $25.00. As for negativity sea salt is said to be able to remove that. I also heard sea salt is used to make holy water from plain water. For furniture just rub the salt on it and for clothes wash them in sea salt before you use them.
aquarius3 aquarius3 61-65 1 Response Oct 15, 2011

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i do not do not like how they treat many of there people