LUcky Me

yesterday i went the thrift store and i found,  a 12 inch glass ball wrapped in copper wiring, i found a budda that glows in the dark. and one hell of an evil looking african mask, complete with horns and teeth,,,  geez,  he even gives me the creeps,,,  i threw him outside in the sun, to get the funk off of him,  next he is getting a good sage smoke down,  he is still in the garage.  i will have to post a pic, of this mask,,,,,,,,,

morningstarr morningstarr
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7 Responses Mar 28, 2008

Yeah, sounds different. I wanna see too..nice find!!

actually the glass ball and the budda too please.

pleez do post pics of the mask!

Don't forget to check out the Junk jewelry..I've found 14 ct gold items there, yahoo.

I find some great treasures in thrift stores.....and every 2nd tuesday we have one that has a sticker colored sale from 20 to 50% off.....I can come out of there with bags and bags of goodies for under $20

i have the best thrift store ever, on the last day of the month everything is half off........ BArgain Bonanza

I just love thrift stores and flea markets! You can find all sorts of treasures there!!!!