Treasure Troves Abound...

I really do love to shop at a Thrift Store; namely the "Good will" thrift in my area. I have moved from an area that had TWO Disabled American Veterans Thrift stores where I really found MUCH treasure in the past 20 years...but I don't seem to have any of these in my new area.

I have found TWO of the most wonderful handbags recently at my GoodWill store. First, I found a nice, short "trim shoulder bag" in the glass case made of green suede leather for only $9.99....I absolutely LOVE green bags and this one is JUST perfect in every way; and NEW...

I looked at the other handbags behind the counter (where the designer bags are displayed) and was hoping to find something "Spring-like" and found a pretty multicolored "patchwork" shoulder bag with leather straps and finish...upon taking a closer look, I saw that not only was it NEW but it was a COACH!!! It had a $19.99 price tag on it and since I liked it so much and it WAS a designer shoulder bag, I bought it. I looked it up online when I got home to find that it was currently being sold on Ebay for $ 249.00!!!! I would call that a GOOD buy at my Good Will store!

Missalaineyeus Missalaineyeus
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2 Responses Apr 7, 2012

That would be terrible to have to watch all of the treasures just pass you by :(

I would definitely spend my entire check there...........

I guess that I COULD have spent a whole paycheck there but with Thrift Stores; it is a "hunt and peck" sort of treasure hunt; sometimes you find treasure; most of the time there can be just trash.