My Favorite Places To Shop Are Second Hand Bookstores Clearance And Thrift Stores!!!

Gee, I'm not the only one who loves a bargain, huh?~Let me see.  I am not able to work.  But I know how to shop and I'm always looking for more Ideas on how to save money and live better.  My furniture was all either given to me, built from a kit or bought at Goodwill!!!  I have a lot of old colonial furniture like our hutch, an entertainment center and even our bed.  My large family is really hard on furniture so I just can't see investing huge amounts of money while they are young and then having to replace it all later on.  And we find that the older stuff is made a whole lot better than what we find in stores today. 

My husband surprised me with a sewing machine last winter.  He found it cheap on a clearance rack.  After some eye opening visits to the fabric store, I discovered that Goodwill sells fabric in the bed linens and curtains aisle.  When the supply gives out, I check out sheets and table cloths which I have made into pajamas and short pants for kids.  Bonus feature--they usually have laundering instructions sewn in.

My litle guy loves a book series called "illustrated classics for kids".  I have found many many of these at Goodwill and Book Barn for a very reasonable price.  I also purchase craft kits and huge bags of yarn to use on my "nifty knitter"--a cool circular loom with which you can whip up hats and scarves and other goodies without needles.  Last winter, I was a regular knitting fiend, turning out warm clothes and stuff for the whole family.

My favorite tip...when you get a percentage off coupon for making a large donation, save it for a really big purchase such as buying a new piece of furniture!

What's your favorite tip?

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1 Response Feb 19, 2010

In the UK we have Poundland, where everything costs £1 (or certain things are two for £1 or three or four.)<br />
My best bargains? I got two Stephen King audibook sets (on cassette) for £1 each, they've just the been selling "The Lovers Guide" DVD's at £1 each, and a pack of 15 condoms in a metal case (that fits my glasses) for £1.