I Love Thrift Stores, Rummage Sales And Auctions...

     I think my love of thrift shops and second hand store treasure hunting comes from special times spent with my Dad and oldest brother (who is 21 years older than I and I have no other real memories of time spent with him) haunting garage sales, Goodwill and Salvation Army stores looking for "treasures we couldn't live without"! On weekends the 3 of us would take off in my Dad's station wagon and spend the day filling it with our treasures. It became our weekly thing, and we looked forward to it all winter long. Since my Dad passed away, these memories are some of the sweetest I can recall and I wouldn't trade them for all the "treasures" in the world!

     As an adult, I met a man who also loves "junking", as we call it, though believe me, many of the things we have found have been a far cry from junk...We've discovered that, with just a little bit of reading to familiarize ourselves with different types of collectibles, names of importance to OTHER collectors and by LISTENING when people say, "If you ever come across a... pick it up and I'll pay you for it." we can spend quality time together doing something we enjoy,  "shop" for treasures, create and expand our personal collections, all the while, spending little or no money of our own.

    Finding a hidden treasure is almost like winning on a lottery ticket or hitting a decent jackpot at the casino - the thrill and excitement of finding out that the piece of glassware or jewelry you picked up for a dime or quarter because you liked the way it shone in the light is worth several HUNDRED times your investment never gets old! It also happens a lot more often than others might think!

    So, if others think that Thrift Stores, Charity Shops, rummage and yard Sales or even auctions are "low class" or "beneath them", I say, "GREAT! That's just one more person I won't bump elbows with over a treasure  "I just can't live without!"

imacamarogirl2 imacamarogirl2
46-50, F
Feb 28, 2010