Love The Feeling Going Shopping For Diapers

always find is such a thrill going shopping for diapers its so much fun going up to the checkout to pay for them. i live in the uk newcastle upon tyne area. always seem to go a bright red when at the checkout.but the most fun is going to the gents and putting on a new diaper and walking round newcastle with it on wondering if anyone has noticed. and using it on the 25 mile bus travel back to where i live.having that warm feeling between my legs.
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4 Responses May 22, 2012

Well I live in Sunderland. Where do you buy your diapers/nappies in newcastle. Do you buy plastic panties also. Where do you buy these also. Where do you live. Northumberland or Durham ? Look forward to hearing from

I know how you feel. I do exactly the same. I live in Suderland. Where do you buy your nappies(diapers). I buy mine in wilkos. Xxx

Thats heaven mate
bet you needed some relief when
you got home?

well i Live in Texas and i do about the same thing when i buy diapers at the store.