Bieng Pantyhose At Jcpenny Outlett Store

I wasnt dressed as dawn i went there to get som sheerest suport pantyhose and thay where on sale 3 for 12 dolars thay where pritty much picked over i had to get queen short thay didnt have my size long then when i got to check out the cashere tried to charge me full price6 dolars each i said hay the sign said that thay where 3 for twelve dolars he then got on the intercom said price check at regester 15 for lingere and everyone could see the large lighted regester sign saying 15 on it well the lingerie represintive came up and said yes thay where 3 for 12 i paid for my hose and left pissed off you would think sence thay are having a sail thay would let all there casheres know if thay are serous about keeping coustomers
dawn40108 dawn40108
3 Responses Dec 12, 2011

Hi Dawn. Thank you for sharing. Nothing really similar. You gotta love what they call customer service these days. They made a few mistakes. The programmer didn't put in the sale info. They should have rung you up in the lingeree section, where the clerk would have known (Or should have known) the sale price.

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ghere paid a comishion for each person you could have been king cong and thay would have tried to sell you on that club

anyone else have simular experances