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Great Find

I like to stop in the Dollar Store cause you never know what you find. On one of my trips I came across the sock isle and found that they had several packages of Hanes silk reflections and NoNonsense in a good selection of sizes and shades. All I had was $20 dollars so I picked up as many different packs as I could buy. I went back a few days latter to buy more but as my luck would have it they gone from the rack. I asked the sales lady who was restocking the sock area what happend to the pantyhose and she said some guy came in and bought the rest just a few hours ago. At first I was mad but then I thought hey I'm not the only one in my area who wears hose. I just keep checking the store because they get pantyhose whenever other stores cant sell them.
isinitgreat isinitgreat 46-50, M 3 Responses Feb 21, 2012

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Yes I have found mans brand hosiery at the dollar store and found they sell out quickly

I totally agree:) I shop there regularly and saw the nylons and thought why not try them for $1.25 to $1.50..they have tights too...sometimes its easier and quicker to pick them up there instead of going to the bigger department stores and paying more...the ones i came across were one size or sizes A,B,C....average or one of the other guys mentioned, they do tend to lose their support and quickly stretch compared to the brand names but if its only for a few nights, they are great..i love them and will continue using them:)

Maybe over a year ago, I was in one of those discount stores and happened upon a bunch of pantyhose. I noticed in a silver package there was No Nonsense Light Support sheer to waist pantyhose in Tan. I rummaged through the bin and found several pairs in Q size. What an awesome find. They were some of my favorite pantyhose years ago.<br />
<br />
I bought every pair and couldn't wait to put them on. Unfortunately, I guess because of their age, the elastic in the waistband had lost some of it's stretchiness. I thought of bringing the rest back, but it was nice to wear them again and for less then 50 cents a a pair, they were worth it.