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Earlier in the week I went on an on line pantyhose shopping spree. I wound up on the No Nonsense web site and got a little crazy with myself. I bought a few colors of the Smart Support pantyhose and didn't stop there. Pantyhose shopping is so addictive. I also bought some Almost Bare pantyhose and some Thigh Highs too. The one bad thing about shopping on line is that you have to wait for them to get to you, well today is the day I've been waiting for. My package arrived earlier today and I opened it right away and tried on my new Silk Indulgence Thigh Highs in beige mist. Oh what a feeling, I might not take them off till morning. So well worth the wait!
JamieLynn58 JamieLynn58 56-60 5 Responses Apr 12, 2012

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I think it would be fun to enroll in No Nonsense's automatic pantyhose subscription program, and get new Smart Support every month.

I love shopping online :D

I'ma big and lontime fan of No Nonsense too. I really like Barely There. I wear them often. Enjoy your purchase.

Thanks! I wish they would still make the Barely There thigh highs. The Silk Indulgence aren't as nice.

No Nonsense, like a lot of other pantyhose companies have had some great pantyhose over the years that got discontinued for some reason. Barely There has been around for a while and I've been buying and wearing them for years. I used to really like Light Support. They used to be amongst my favorites. They were similiar to Legg's Sheer Energy but more durable and they fit me better. I haven't worn Silk Indulgence much but I have a few pairs. They are nice but I have other brands I like better. Like JC Penney Sheer Caress, JMS and Hanes Silk reflections.

I'm always looking around. Pretty much everytime I go into a store, I'm pantyhose shopping. Sometimes I manage to find some nice pantyhose.

Shopping for pantyhose is addictive !!! I just got two orders delivered yesterday (trying out different brands). No Nonsense is one of my favorite brands but I have noticed that when you go to their website they don't have everything they sell. Case in point, I like the Essential Basics (suntan) but their website doesn't sell them, but I can run up the street to Walgreens and find them.

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Love a love a lovethigh hi and suspender panty hose and of course stockings and garter belt. But during winter months panty hose so snugghly warm and sensual . oooooooo yes!

Ah yes the thrill of new female clothes, all for moi. I know the feeling well, thank you for sharing.