Embarrassed But Excited

For awhile I used to visit Selfridges in London to buy my Philippe Matignon tights which I loved and knew what I wanted. Usually it was a nervous and exciting task and although I built it up in my head, was easy to do. I would go to the store, seek out the place where these tights were located, pick up my selection which i knew really well and take them to the checkout. Ok, I was nervous and yes I got a few strange looks in the queue but generally I loved both the trip and the whole experience.

One day though the world changed. I went into Selfridges and could not find any Philippe Matignon tights anywhere. A salesgirl came up and asked me if I needed help and I was too scared of failure after getting myself into the shop to back out now. I came up with some **** and bull story about my wife wanting a certain type of Philippe Matignon tights and she said that they had stopped doing them and would I like to look at others that might be similar. I said yes but inside was screaming no.

If I wasn't a tranny I am sure I would have carried it off but unfortunately I am a tranny. The girl asked me about colours and style etc and I mumbled something about brown tones or cappachino (colours I like with my blue skirts) and she walked me around different pantyhose types and got me to put my hands in the samples that they had for each makers offerings and I was so nervous I was shaking. This delighted the salesgirl who laughed and said "oh you are shaking"! and continued to get me to put my hand into samples like i was a woman choosing pantyhose for myself..which I was in a way but one who was wetting themselves with fear. I dont remember what pantyhose I bought but now, not being there, like to get excited in the knowledge that both she and I knew that I was buying them for me!
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1 Response May 4, 2012

Yes Elsadll, the problem is that it is sooo scary but also so much fun after the rush!