I Just Love Shopping For Anything Girlie.

I used to be shy when buying pantihose when I am in male mode but not anymore, I just dont care now. to much wasted energy worrying.

I did go shopping with friends dressed up as a woman in a big mall a few months ago and I just remembered that I wanted more pantyhose and went to Target as they have some nice homebrand hose that is good value for money and feel great on my legs.
It was fun looking for them and I found them and just as I was getting them of the hook I realised where I was and what I was doing.
I forgot that I am a male under the dress and heels and was lost in the moment.
I was wearing a long skirt and knee high high heel boots, 4in heel of course.
It was so much fun and it was just for hose.
Next time I will dress up and shop for heels. That would be a blast.

I stared off by saying I was so shy just buying pantihose.
Well this video is my lastest adventure a few weeks ago.
I was all dressed up for this.
Not shy anymore.
RobynTheBeautiful RobynTheBeautiful
2 Responses May 21, 2012

In my late teen and early 20's i had many real females accompany me while dressed go shopping for clothes, underwear, and stockings, pantihose and tights and make up always having to ask the young sale assistants what I wanted and telling them my male measurements till i was confident enough to know my own size in female attire I wish today I could go back as I miss those early years now 30 years on

You have those great memories that no one can take away from you.
It is so much fun with a female/s.
I hope you find another female friend who would do that with you now.

I wnt shopping today, lots of shops including TK MAX but nothing in my size UK 16 lovely summer and evening dresses but bought a cream silk dress few weeks ago which I am going to wear tomorrow with a real girl who helps me dress and does my makeup.

Good for you, its just great to have a real girl help, its like being accepted. idk if you have, but being invited into the hallowed walls of females by a female, the ladies toilet to answer the call of nature and then just talk girlie talk while fixing our dresses and stuff in front of the mirror is just a magic time. This happened to me when I was dressed up sexy and went to a nightclub for dancing with that girl who was herself dressed up sexy.

It is lovely experience to use the girls toilet and be chatted to and admired while adjusting our dresses and touching up our makeup.. Has happened to me when I was younger. Love ..... Saw you on the beautiful mini dress and striped jhose, you look delicious