Sears Dressing Room

I love shopping at my local sears store. I recenlty went there and had a little naughty fun.
The first thing I do is head over to the shoe department and pick out a nice pair of strappy high heeled sandals. Then I find myself a nice silky satiny dress. I then proceed over to the hosiery department and find myself a nice pair of pantyhose. They have a whole new Nice Touch hosiery line out. You have to try the new Ultra Silky Sheer, they are so soft and silky. I then head over to the lingerie department and get myself a body shaper. It looks just like a one piece bathing suit but has a built in bra that makes it look like you have boobs. I then go into the lingerie dressing room and get changed. I open up the hose and slip them on. Then wiggle into the body shaper. Slip on the dress and shoes and am now dressed head to toe as a woman. I will then walk out into the lingerie area and browse the bras and panties. It is such a rush to shop dressed as a woman. I grab a few pairs of panties and by the time I get back into the dressing room I am so excited I have to relieve msyself. While I am in the stall I lift my dress, reach down into my hose and pull out my ****. I stroke myself while sniffing the panties until I explode onto the floor. I then proceed to change back into my own clothes. I carefully put the hose back into the package. I then return the lingerie back to their racks where i found them and return the pantyhose package back to the hosiery department. Then do the same with the dress and shoes. I have been doing this for years and I find it so hot. I was curious to know if I am the only one that does this.
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2 Responses Oct 26, 2012

agree this is not good.

First time I have ever heard of it being done. Sensual and exciting though. If it were me I would buy all the things I have picked out.