So Exciting

For me,its always exciting to go shopping for pantyhose,while Im there I love to watch women as they stand there trying choose what they want,its also exciting to watch her make her selection then after she leaves I check out the kind that she just decided on,where Im going with this is I like to fanatsize because its not always possible to actually see the results,but I love to fantasize about her wearing them and what it would look like to get a view up her skirt,I can simply sit all day and watch women walk by and fantasize about what theyre wearing under their skirts!!!

One of my own personal experiences that I found so exciting is I love to find older female cashiers to check out with,but on this particular day I chose a very attractive older afro-american lady to check me out,on this particular day,I had bought some hair removal cream as well,when it was my turn to check out,as she was ringing it up,and one can never tell wether a person is joking or serious she jokingly says"so we're gonna go home and shave our legs and put on some new pantyhose uhg?"I didnt show it but her response really turned me on and I replied right back at her jokingly and said"yes I sure am" wether she she really joking or not she didnt know just how right she was about it.

I find that checking out with a male cashier can be fun,but its not nearly exciting as checking out with a woman cashier,its also very exciting to have female clerks to help me decided on what to get for "my wife" and Ive had some to actually suggest brands that they wear,on that experience I had this one sales clerk to suggest a brand that she wears and that day she was wearing a skirt with a pair of them on,when no one was looking she pulled up her skirt and gave me a side view only to show me what they looked like when they were actually being worn,needless to say that I bought a pair and what I had to do when I got home with them!!!
cdnpantyhose cdnpantyhose 51-55, M Jan 16, 2013

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