My Pantyhose Trip To Vienna - Real Story

Soo where should i start.... Ill start from.. hmm its really hard to concentrate and write something that happened almost an year ago..
Maybe it would be a little bit easier if i put the same kind pantyhose i wore when all that happened.. Ok now iam back with my sheer tan 30 den glossy pantyhose.

The story iam telling u about happen when me and my family were off for vacation in Vienna , Austria .
It was 23 of April and we were staying at nice family motel in the hights not that far from the center of Vienna, with another family. After a week of exploring the city on 23th in about 11 AM i decided that its the right time for me take a tour on my own in the city.. Of course i was prepared as always and i had few pairs of pantyhose in my bag, this day i decided to wear my tan sheer glossy pantyhose with reinforced toes i went in the bathroom to take a shower and remove the little hair i had grown on my legs, after i was done with the showering and the shaving stuff i got dry and put some lotion so i can hydrated my legs, put the purple silky thong that i had prepared first after that began to roll the pantyhose slowly first on my right then on my left leg... after that i put on my jeans, my white vest and jacket on and my sneakers , when i was done dressing i looked up in internet what are the best places i can visit and so i did wrote down few of them interesting for me , about last place iam going to tell u later on in my story.
When i was all done with everything i went out the motel (weather was gorgeous sunny around 20 degrees celcius ) walking down towards the bus stop i was feeling amazing just because the fact i was wearing pantyhose under my ripped jeans and no one could say anything about it and at the same time i didn't mind to show off my pantyhosed legs it to anybody cuz no one can judge me and it wouldn't affect me in any aspect if someone say something... so once i was down in the town i start the tour the thing is that i visited only the first place i had in my list the Hofburg palace , after that i was way too excited for my main destination Kinolabyrinth so i just headed straight to that place i took the subway and not long ago after i took it and switch few lines i was at the station i was supposed to get witch was like 10 minutes walk from Kinolabyrinth. When i was infront of the place i was really worried and not sure if i am going to do it and visit that place, i was walking around the place for maybe 10 or 20 minutes until i finally found the courage to get in, my heart was racing it was really exciting for me..., asking myself: what exactly i will get there...
At the front door i met with another guy who was just heading out, when i was entering on my left side was a counter and a girl behind, so i asked her if in there were any girls and she said there might be some but she is not sure, so i said ok whatever and paid her the entrance tax.. AAnd i finally entered the actual place trough a massive wooden door... inside there was really dark i think it was some kind of redish dimmed light. On the left was a bar with a side columns that was like huge phallus, few guys were sitting on high chairs in front of the bar having drinks watching the TV where was shown **** i can clearly remember there were some transvestites on the scene, i kept walking after passed the bar i felt how one of the guys start following me for a second i thought i got trapped in the even darker corridor (where u can hear nothing but the moanings from the **** movies that were shown on the televisions in every room and in the corridors) so i got a bit scared i stopped and turned around to see what is going on, the guy that was behind me just blinked me and when passed by me he just touch my butt softly whispering follow me (which kind a gave me a hard on) and went away. I was shocked what should i do now.... well i didn't follow him i just kept walking trough the corridors by the time i was walking i got really confused where iam cuz it was really like labyrinth... that place had lots of corridors and doors leading to rooms with different styles with coaches, beds , with tables some of those rooms had wholes in the walls , and all of them were with windows so anyone who would like to see what is going on is able to enjoy it every second of it, also they had televisions playing different **** in every room. Well i believe you get what was happening in the rooms ... by the time i was walking around the rooms there were few more guys passing by me.. touching my ***,i was getting hornyer so i told myself that iam here not just to watch i have to do something so i decided that i have to start talking with the first guy i meet, and there he is a bit taller than me more muscle man, probably around 30... my heart racing fast as never before i stopped in front of him asking him: - Do you want me to give you a footjob ? And guess what he answered me.. : -no! I was shocked i was never expected someone will say no i was really confused now should i ask another guy or no.. well i said to myself i have to do it! I'll go ahead....
Then i found the next victim a men much taller than me very well build around his 40's, now i was more confident i stopped in front of him saying to him : - Hey lets go in some room and have some fun... i want to give you nice footjob , you will like it i promise!" He looked at me like he was not really aware with what i was saying to him, but Yes i was lucky this time the guy followed me, we went in the room at the far end after we walked in i made sure the door was closed and locked. There were a black table with red leather sofa on the side i told him to get seated and i got up on the table. First i took my jacket and vest off and throw them on the side then i took off my sneakers and sat on the table edge so i can be closer to him and start rubbing my pantyhosed feet on his thighs going up closer to his crotch then he start stroking my feet with his hands i was damn hard i kept going up i lifted his t shirt wit my feet sliding them up on his chest.. hi was a bit hairy but it still felt very nice playing with his nipples my feet were all over him.. he helped me taking the shirt off, then i got back down on his crotch when he stand up and got closer to me pushing me with his right hand so i lay down on my back. He unzipped my jeans and took them off (i really liked how my legs looked in that glossy pantyhose i had on) then he start cerrasing my legs getting closer with his head to my hard as hell **** and start licking it. After not even a 20 seconds having of that pleasure i was in about to ***, so i pushed him away and i sat on the edge of the table again with him standing in front of me i unzipped his jeans they just felt down he still had his underwear on i took it of.. and there was that hard.. not that long but really thick **** , i grabbed it with my hand and start stroking it to make it a lil bit better for him i just spit few times on it cuz the lack of other lube... then i really wanted to feel it between my feet and so i did i just lay down on the table again on my back having his fat **** between my feet AMAZING!!! Looking out the trough one of the windows i saw some guys enjoying what they see.. having their dicks stucked in the holes witch made me feel even more hot, i really got in to role and start taking good care of that dude **** between my feet, after jacking him with my feet for maybe 5 mins i asked him to come as much closer is possible to the table and then i lifted my legs up and with my hand between my thighs i navigated where his **** should stay and there iam up on a table laying on my back with my legs up in the air and some guy sliding his **** between my pantyhosed thighs, kissing and licking my feet and with another two guys watching us outside the room trough the windows with their dicks stucked in the holes pointing at us.... i felt amazing!!! I was feeling ever trust that guy was giving me and his balls pressing on my thighs..he was pushing me really hard for another few minutes and without any warning he just *** a huge load on my stomach and chest a bit of it even come to my face...a second later i heard some knocking sound behind me, i turned and saw one of the guys on the windows still there with his **** still in the hole shaking it and (i was soo damn hot and horny ) i went there kneeling and started ******* him off when the guy i was giving a foot job getting in front of me rolling my pantyhose and thong down ... ooh i was hard i was really hard at that moment, then he began sucking me it was something amazing it continued for maybe not more than a minute me ******* that guy and the dude sucking me when i just *** everything i had loaded in my balls (it was a lot ) in his mouth and the other guy not much longer after that *** inside the room. When we were done we stand up both obviously happy of what just happened... i rolled up my thong and pantyhose and start looking for my clothes i found some on the floor other on the sofa, the guy i was with in the room handed me some napkins so i can get clean, i cleaned the *** i had still on me. When i was done cleaning i got dressed put my sneakers and we both went out the room . Then everyone took his way.........
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