Almost An Addiction...

Ok, maybe it is an addiction, lol.  I've worn pantyhose since I was 4 and it wasn't until I got older that I finally started buying my own.  Now I probably know more about pantyhose than most wormen do.  I shop online or in stores and its not uncommon for me to spend $50 or more a month on pantyhose. 

I really enjoy getting and trying styles from Italy, for some reason they really know how to make good lasting and comfortable pantyhose.  I also buy and wear Leggs SE Active Support on a regular basis, but I mix the Italian one's into my wardrobe to spice it up a bit.

I wear pantyhose almost everyday, and generally change pairs sometime after I get home from work.  They are just a part of my everyday life, and something I do for myself that makes me feel good.

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I am a guy who used to love wearing sheer energy active support. Then I discovered regular sheer energy control tops!! I absolutely love the control tops!! The active supports don't have them. I did love the full support of the active support. I wish they came with control tops and in queen plus.

I know what you mean when you say you love buying pairs of tights/pantyhose in shops & also buy online trying out different brands, I am just the same as yourself. I just so wish we had more choices here in the UK, can be a little limited for choice here. Ispend sometimes over £60 a month on tights/pantyhose mainly bought in shops now, just love the thrill of buying in stores & then wearing them after I've bought them.

The funny thing is is buy more hosiery from europe than stuff that's made in the US. Selection in stores here is horrible so online is my best option.

Tracey you are so fortunate being a woman. I would so love to wear pantyhose heels and dresses to work every day.

as i sit here with my wolford pantyhose i can relate. with over 100's i have a room just for my women clothes

hi all you pantyhose lovers i to wear them all the time i have just found the best tights ever on ebay they are ,fione, tights there the best i,v had on in 30 years and dnt let the cheap price £1.75 but you off they last and silky i love them

I think you are mean the brand name Fiore.
An understandable mistake, when you see which letter type is used.

Fiore is a Polish hosiery company that has operated in Poland since 1986. It was formed by the merger of “G&K” and “Madame Chic” who had themselves been manufacturing hosiery in Poland since 1983.

I could not help it! I ordered almost $200 in pantyhose from onehanesplace this month, I too wear them everyday. I have been addicted to pantyhose for as long as I can remember. I was 5 years old when I wore my first pair of L'eggs. They were too long for me and they were inside the plastic egg, I took them from my mothers drawer, they felt incredible, I was hooked. She knew up till the day she passed away that I really liked pantyhose

I know what you mean, so I typically by mine online from or both are great and you get nice European brands :)

I like the feeling of a good pair of hose with a nice heel. I dress professional for work everyday and they are mandatory if you are wearing a skirt. Although most girls I know can't stand them. I think they give me the look and support I need to feel even sexier. They are getting harder to find though. Most stores just carry the cheap brands now.

Good for you! It can be scary and thrilling all at the same time. Online is easier one way, but has its downsides too.<br />
<br />
Depending on the store you go too you can get really good service and help. My wife happily shops with me now, but that makes things way less conspicuious.

Thank you :)

you rock

I really like the Elly brand, i get them from They have quite a selection of european hosiery.<br />
<br />
I havent tried Wolfords yet or Gerbe, but i have a tough time paying over $20 for pantyhose. maybe someday

Good for you! I'm new in this community and I love to wear pantyhose too, I'm sure you have tried Wolford, I wear wolford's most of the time since they are durable and soft, but I also would like to try Italian brands, can you recommend one?<br />
<br />

Grasshopper is tad apprehensive yet she trusts Sensei and his sage advice.

Oh the browsing has just begun... Sensei is narowing on some for Grasshopper to try... Soon you will be converted!!! (evil laughter)

And I love shopping with you!! I still need Sensei to find the perfect pair for me. Especially since I know absolutely nothing about them. *giggle*