I Also Wear Ph Everyday

I have been wearing pantyhose everyday and in most cases 24/7/365 since I met my now husband. We started doing out in the last month of our senior year of HS. And back in the 70's was when everyone wore PH. At school I would wear them a few days a week, and notices that whenever I did wear PH my then BF now husband would pay even more attention to my legs. I also noticed him looking at all the other girls at school and after putting one & one together I relised they were wearing hose as well.  After we graduated I was in a wedding, and he was invited. Of course I was wearing hose. When we went out after the wedding he started rubbing my legs, and teling me how much he liked seeing me and other woman in PH. He was nurvise telling me. From that point on I wore PH everyday no matter what the weather. I wear hose in the summer with shorts, long pants, of course shirts, and have rec'd complments from other men,  and some ladies on how nice my legs look in hose. Some of the guys have tried to pick me up.

Hose are make up for the legs.

They make avarage leggs look better.

Good leggs look great.

Great leggs look FANTASTIC.

The link below is NOT pornographic, Just a bunch of like minded people. The qoner of this group is a friend on=f my husband.



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I'm a guy who wears sheer energy control tops 24/7/365 for over 20 years now. I work play and sleep in them. They make great exercise tights too!!

You are an amazing lady to wear pantyhose 24/7/365 for your husband. I know of no women who would do that and yet I don't understand why not. If my wife wore pantyhose regularly I think I probably would have less of a desire to wear myself. She never wears pantyhose and has rarely done so over our 38 years of marriage. <br />
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So I wear them myself as often as I can which, sadly is not very often. I only wear quality pantyhose, heels and lingerie and just love the feeling of such fine clothes.<br />
<br />
A frustrated Alycee

It is so nice hearing from women who wear pantyhose. It is truly a shame more women don't wear them more often. It is like the final strokes of a master painter creating a master piece of a painting all the world will love.

That's awesome! Sounds like you guys are a good match. I'm a member of that group, but they aren't too keen on guys wearing too. I just really enjoy how a good pair of pantyhose feel; Fortunatly my fiancé supports and accepts my wearing too :)