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Posting a previous story on EP has somewhat emboldened me, but it also has also opened me up to thinking about how I feel about PH.

I just returned from a shopping trip to Wal-Mart where I purchased some new PH. I have always had some serious trepidation about buying PH. There was of course some excitement involved, but it also had a large fear factor. Well, I had to go there to buy other supplies and said to myself, what the heck. I have to admit I did wuss out slightly by having a "list" in hand while at the hosiery section in order to have it appear more "natural", if not brave and confident (ha-ha). But I was thinking, how did my behavior appear to others? Perhaps the oddness of the situation was brought on by my own perceptions and fears.  Then I felt, who cares what these other shoppers think! I don't even know them and most likely will never see them again.

As I stood in front of the selection of PH I noticed that almost nobody paid ANY attention to me standing there. Perhaps, the piece of paper helped for those who did glance. Regardless, I finally did not feel any fear or embarrassment about buying myself self some new hose. I wanted to try some sheer styles for summer and wanted to avoid the expense of on-line shipping and having to order multiple pairs in order to try them. That is another discussion entirely about buying PH.

So, I place them in the shopping cart and went to the front checkout. I chatted with the lady customer in front of me in line (as usual) and was equally at ease with the cashier. Guess what?!?  Nobody cared or noticed that I had three boxes of Legg's in my cart. Probably, because I did not care and pretended to not notice (well I did a little at first since I still held the list in my hand). It hurts to say, but my wife was right, just do it and who cares! Perhaps, if even more men purchased PH, it would become so commonplace we would not even have a forum about it.  But I have to admit; I really don't know how many other men buy their own PH, on a regular basis. Maybe other men do purchase PH regularly. I hope so, for my sake. So, the transaction goes off totally uneventfully and out to the parking lot I go. I must admit, I was eager to touch and feel the new purchase before I drove off. There is still some excitement about buying PH that I do enjoy, especially the anticipation of arriving home and trying them on. Some things I hope will not change, as I get bolder and more comfortable about my actions.

Well, try them on I did. I found that perhaps the Sheer Vitality sheer to waist may be the most comfortable in the summer heat, only time will tell. I also purchased regular Sheer Energy non-control top and Sheer Energy Active Support (regular sheer toe), but I digress.

The whole point is, go ahead and buy them if you want to. If you act natural it will also seem that way to others. Don’t have guilt about buying or wearing PH. Why should you? Besides, look at the benefits of having new PH when you want to have them.



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7 Responses Apr 28, 2009

I find that when you are looking and trying to find something that will work for you it is handy to have a list in hand. When you actually know what you want and can just go to the display and grab what you want and continue without hardly stopping, no list is necessary.

I have seen several men buying PH in Walmart, nobody cares, they don't seem to care about me as a male buying any type of woman's clothing. Going to the Hanes outlet was a little more apprehensive, but the sales women put me at ease, and helped me find the perfect fit. She assured me that I'm far from the first male, and its obvious who they are buying for. If men would be honest the sales person can be more helpful. I was in shorts sandals and PH, I could not hide it. There was only 1 other customer, so we were able to talk. The PH I bought feel and look great..

i by hosery all the time as a mail the casheres usually only ring up your purcheses it is how you react to others is what tips others off to the situation

It has been mostly visable to the older women, to notice us,men, buying PH. I love to look around just to see who might be watching,not that i care i just think its funny. there is so many ave's today to buy your hose of need.<br />
Gee think what they would say if you were buying a gun and amunition! <br />
Some people are just so small ya know.<br />
I love all PH wearers,and love a nice pair of legs.<br />

WalMart is probably the easiest place for me to go. No one notices or cares what you are buying. I also like the George brand firm support that they sell. <br />
One I go to still has a self check out so you just scan and pay and walk out. of course every once in a while I get one that dosen't scan or some other issue. "Price check on pantyhose" is always fun to hear on the overhead.

Yes who cares that is not a bad thing..That you bought hose..

The fear is in your head, but if you do get a look... so what? you are unlikely to see those people again anyways. i used to be anxious when buying hosiery too, so i know how you felt.<br />
<br />
Ask your wife to join you, that will elliminate any questions and will put you at ease.