Love Shopping For Tights

Im a tights/pantyhose loving male who wears tights for ballet classes but also when relaxing in the house. I prefer to buy my own tights and ahve learnt that to ignore the odd looks I get from female shoppers and  shop assistants as I search through rows of tights in department stores.Ive found specialist hosiery store the best in terms of not questioning why i'm buying tights. Ny best memory was going into a small womens fashion store seeking a pair of black opaque tights to buy.The friendly assistant recommneded a make of black tights she was wearing at the time. She happily hoisted up her skirt to show me the tights and we had a nice chat about lycra content and support issues before I bought 2 pairs.

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Yes great story! Im a pantyhose and tights lover as well. not so long ago i went on a shop for myself<br />
I wanted to get a pair of elbeo medium support, and while i was brousing, a middle aged lady asked <br />
if i needed some help.I said yes and asked her if she knew where the elbeo medium supports were, she said follow me,when we got to where they were she asked me if they were for me, i said yes, she said oooh in tuch with your femine side then. I said for many year, she said i love a guy who is not afraid to show his femine side. she asked me to wait here for a little and said she would be back soon. I waited a while and when she returned she had two other girls with her.I was a little surprised when one of the girls said i love a guy who wears tights and said if i needed any help in feture just to come and see her and she would look after me personaly.( I nearly died on the spot.) she then asked me what size and colour i said mist in large. It felt so good to get seen to like this, and i have been getting my hose there ever since. That was about eight months ago, and by the way the other girl she does personal waxing. I think it was ment to happen.

Great story Jenny! I also love to shop for nylons, tights, leggings bras and panties while in guy mode. Most sales associates are very helpful. I just had a similar experience at Victoria Secret, a very sweet girl helped me pick out nylons, a bra and matching panties. It was such a fun experience!

I love going into Legg`s wholsale store. I was buting Legg`s Active support when a cute young women asked if I needed help. I said yes do you have anymore of my size in Taupe, she said they are for you? Do you now your correct size. I told her I had worn them since they came out. She smilled and said she like`s them to but prefers thigh high`s as she explained that the nylon top doesn`t let enough air in and she get`s very wet durning the whole day working in them. She said it was a girl thing and I could ask her for help. Another girl came over and the first asked if they had anymore of my size in taupe, she said awww for you, congratulations for showing your femine side. They then had me go through the panties as they were o sale. They picked out some they liked for me. I thanked them. They said anything eles, do you need bra`s or nighties. They then went to the register with me and said that i should sign uo to join the saving`s program they offered customer`s and special sale`s info to my pc. It was such fun having girls who did not judge but thought it was great. They said good bye and hope to see you back , which they did.<br />
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