A Life Time of Pantyhose

I love shoping for pantyhose because it makes me feel good inside.I have been wearing pantyhose ever since i can remember from about 4 years old and i am now 40.I like to wear them openly with shorts or under geans i also like to wear them to bed is when they feel very comfey.The kind of pantyhose i like to wear are sheer to waist in suntan or coca with a nice shine,i wear pantyhose every day to work and have often been told or had a comment passed on how great my ankels looked in the several diferent styles and shades i wood wear, is it any wonder why i love shopping for pantyhose.I also have two friends that are girls that have been wonderfull to me and under stood every thing i have gone through in the past to get me where i am now,witch is where i want to be,they are also pretty good at helping me top up my supply and also to better my supplyof pantyhose.


hoseclad hoseclad
41-45, M
Aug 25, 2009