Love Shopping 4 Pantyhose.

I love to go out and shop for pantyhose.  I do like it when a sales gir helps me.  As at first they are taken by suprise that I am shopping for pantyhose for me.  And not my mom, sister, grandma ect.  Then there is a certain weird turn on kind look they give.  Even though they try not to look at you funny for buying pantyhose.  But yet they can't seem to help it.  Plus by men buying pantyhose we are helping their sale.  And making up for the women who aren't buying pantyhose hah. Lol.  I was just out last week getting some pantyhose.  I got some from Jc Penny's and Victoria secret.  Which had some good selections and deals as it is the holidays.  So yes I love to go shopping for pantyhose.  I sometimes knowing I am going to be getting some hose.  I will usually put them on after I buy them.  Or this last time when I was at Jc penny's I got some pantyhose.  I went into the dressing room and put them on.  They felt so good.  I then went up with some of the other pairs of hose I picked out and paid for them.  It was a older lady.  She asked where the hose were that were in the package.  I told her quietly that I was wearing them.  I pulled up the hose waist band to prove it.  She looked at me like I was a bit weird.  Shrugged her shoulders and gave me the total.  As I was paying for them she put them in the bag.  She asked how they felt.  I looked at her.  Smiled and said they feel real good on my legs.  Very soft and smooth.  She sort of smiled and gave me my change and reciept in the bag.  I told her to have a good day and merry christmas she said same to you.  After that I did a bit more christmas shopping for my family and friends and left for home. 

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Can you text me your age and where your from...570 209 2051

Picked up new paid of sneakers from Target the other day and while there checked out the clearance panties and tight...... picked up a pair of black boyshorts with pink-polka-dots on them for $1.50 and four pairs or tights in some great colors each pair were $2.50.

While I know times have been changing and women are not wearing pantyhose nearly as much as they used to, at least here in the USA, and it can be noticed when you go into stores to purchase hosiery. 13 or so years ago I could walk in to a Marshalls (discount "department store" and their pantyhose section would be about 36 liner feet now you are luck if you can even find 10 pairs at any given time in their stores. Other stores are much the same... Maybe one day they will be come more prevalent again

I have one sales lady that I get my Hue tights from will call me and hold my size for me when ever they go on clearance.

She is amazing and knows they are for me.

I love to buy my pantyhose at Wal-Mart,and I always like to check out with a female cashier,Ive not had anything really exciting to happen as men are"supposedly" buying underthings for their wives so its not unusual to see men buy womens clothes only thing is are they buying them for a woman or for themselves,but my one experience was that on this particular day I bought several pair of Just My Size controltop pantyhose along with some hair removal cream,this really attractive older woman waited on me,and out of the blue and just joking with me she says"so we're going home to shave our legs and put on a new pair of pantyhose ugh"and jokingly I said back"yes I am and Ill let you know how they fit and feel when I see you again" little did she know that I was really telling the truth,but sometimes I wonder if she was really joking!!!

It is tough to tell if they are kidding around. She may have suspected the pantyhose might be for you after checking out you and the size you were buying. The hair removal cream probably did nothing to convince her otherwise. Maybe she knew a male who wore pantyhose and this was one of his brands. Maybe she liked guys in pantyhose and was gauging your reaction.

Back when I was younger and buying a lot of pantyhose, while wearing pantyhose openly with shorts, I did get compliments on having nice legs and occasionally got asked if I was wearing pantyhose.

One time while buying pantyhose, a cashier told me if I needed help putting them on to give her a call. There was a phone number on the receipt. Another time, a comment was made about how I would look good in the pantyhose I was buying. She asked me to put on a pair and come back and show her.

I did make the call the first time and I did go back to show my pantyhosed legs the second time.

great story...i love hearing about that type...

I sometimes shop for expensive pantyhose at Macys. Last night,I was browsing the sheer reflections "Hanes -ultra sheer plus size-support pantyhose. A woman noticed me looking though the vast selection,she obviously would not mind if I gave her my instument of male pleasure while housed in those sexy hosiery! I could have done her in them with pleasure! She probably would have even paid for them too....She was on the make for a tall hunky guy, She didn't care about the pantyhose-in fact she thought it would intice me to her love story....MORE LATER !

I love the stories,because iv'e done the same. I really like to just hang around to watch the reactions from the women. I would like to tell them ,are you the only one that can wear PH, but i don't.Its not me, or my style ya know.<br />
My fav. is the shiny hose. I can't wait to buy some of Peavy hose.thats the biggest reason for me to vist the hooters to look at all the legs...umumum so good<br />
Love<br />

I buy most of my hosiery online simply because to selection is better, but i have on occasion bought bin stores. My wife happily shops with me and we have got some funny looks and knowing stares. Some sideways Inuendo that I would look good In this or that too. <br />
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I love my pantyhose, and i love to buy them... such a simple perfect garment, too bad they are not appreciated like they should be.

I love shopping for pantyhose. I've been buying my own since I was 13. Up until then, I had been wearing pantyhose I got from my mother, grandmother and aunt. That was nice and I appreciated it, but I was now taller then them and their pantyhose really did not fit me too well anymore. I also discovered I liked sheer to waist best and would have preferred wearing STW all the time.<br />
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I knew what I wanted. I went into a sore, picked out the pantyhose I wanted and a sales woman came over and asked if she could help. She looked at the pantyhose package, looked at me and said, "these are the right size. You mother will like these". I couldn't wait to get home and put them on.<br />
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I started wearing pantyhose out openly with shorts and shaved legs when I was 17. When I went to buy pantyhose though, I covered my pantyhosed legs. One day I decided that made no sense, so I went pantyhose shopping with my shorts and pantyhosed legs showing. What fun and what a rush that was. I was hoping someone would notice I was shopping for pantyhose and wearing pantyhose. It took a while but it did happen eventually.<br />
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Even when I don't get noticed, I still love the thrill of discovering a new kind of pantyhose I had never seen before. I'li buy a pair, then go look for a dressing room or rest room and try them on. If I like the fit, look and feel, I'll go back to the pantyhose display and buy the rest of the stock. Then I'll keep going back to the store and keep buying more.<br />
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It may sound nuts to buy so much pantyhose, but in the past I have had brands and styles I loved so much get discontinued. I always wished I had bought a lot more when I could. Now I do.

I have worn pantyhose for so long, nine years, everyday, that it is not a thrill any more, but if I don't wear them, I feel naked, even with pants.

Your exactly right. The feeling of wearing pantyhose is electrifying. And such a turn on.