Suppress Your Fear And Enjoy

I was only five when I first crossed the line from male to female clothing.   Like most cross dressers or transvestites growing up with this secret made life both thrilling and challenging.  The biggest problem was how to get your hands on the female clothing you felt you just had to have without anyone knowing your secret.  I confess that I did some very risky and even illegal things to satisfy this craving that would not go away. 

Then one day when I was in high school I had an experience that changed my life.  I was doing my slow walk through the lingerie section of a department store, trying to act as if I was just taking a short cut but with my eyes scanning everything.  It was just after opening and the store was still very quiet.  I passed a display of nightgowns and was arrested by a petal pink baby doll gown.  With a quick look around I saw no one, so I dared to reach out and feel the ever so soft nylon. 

This moment of bliss was interrupted by a soft female voice asking, "Looking for something for your mom or girl friend?"  I spun, red faced and wanting to bolt.  Still the woman was just smiling and waiting.  I managed to nod and she asked if I knew what size.  I did but did not want to admit to that intimate a knowledge of female clothing.  So I came out with the lame, "She is about my size."

The woman nodded and reached out to pull one of the gowns off the rack.  "Well I can assure you that any girl will absolutely love this."   She held if so I could see it front and back and then asked, "So do you want me to ring this up for you?"

There is was; permission for me to buy this gown.  I nodded and followed her to the check out stand.  Fortunately my part time job had put enough money in my pocket. 

I left that store feeling higher than a kite.  I could buy female lingerie! 
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1 Response Jul 30, 2010

That is such a nice story Alice. Jessica also had feelings at such a young age. She would save up her pennies and go to the local drug store and buy pantyhose, "for her mom", of course but they were always very small in size, and my mom, well she never wore pantyhose. Then there were a couple of times using a five finger discount until she got caught. Then it was out and the folks said stop it, so she did till she could afford to buy her own clothes. Later it was found out by my wife of my interest in dressing and after much counseling, came to a halt. But for some reason I cannot put my finger on, recently Jessica is trying like hell to be heard and seen. <br />
<br />
Well, I've ranted on enough for now, hope all my Girls have a wonderful weekend.<br />
<br />
Hugs, Jessica