At The Local Stores

We ( my wife and I ) go shopping for dresses and skirts here on the small Island. Only looking for clothes is fun all ready. One of the Lady-assistants will come and ask if she can help us. Then we tell her ( as a little secret ) that it will be for me. Most of those lady's just look one time up and then they smile. So we all start looking for a nice dress or skirt and the lady"s often come with their own idea for a model for me. When we have found something, I will go try it on and show it as well to my wife as to the lady. After changing back in my Men-clothes ( I don't wear it out on the streets ) we go to the counter, where usually a man stands. Sometimes they wink their eyes at me and I can appreciate that, though I show them that I'm there with my wife by putting an arm around her. So shopping for dresses is mostly real fun and we are having a great time.

laikagirl laikagirl
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

Oh there is nothing better than going clothes shopping for specially women's clothing lingerie panties stockings makeup dresses all types I do it by myself