A New Women's Wear Store

I learned of a new women's wear store that had opened in the shopping district. I went into the store dressed as a male, but I was wearing my usually panties and a bra. A sales clerk offered to help me make some selection. After selecting a dress, a couple of skirts, and two blouses, the clerk asked if I was certain of the sizes. The clerk told me to make certain to keep the receipt so that I items could be removed if the lady did not like them. Then the clerk surprised me and asked if the items were for a lady or for me. I was caught off guard and said that the items were for me.

The clerk told me that they had a dressing area where I could try them off. I assumed the area was away from the normal dressing booths. The clerk took me to the dressing area and it was obvious that woman were in other booths. I was put in a booth. The clerk told me that she would come back and check of me. The dress fit fine. I was trying on the second short skirt and a blouse. The clerk asked if I needed help. I told her that I could not make up my mind. The clerk asked if she could step inside the booth. The clerk asked me to turn around and she told me to sit and cross my legs. The clerk asked if I liked showing off my legs. I told her yes. The clerk told me that the skirt did show a lot of leg and she felt it was fine. I was told that I could bring it back if needed. Needless to say, I will make additional purchases at the store.
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What is the name of the store?