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I do enjoy shopping for bras and panties and lingerie. Many speciality shops don't carry plus sizes but some do.  From time to time I can find some nice lingerie in the department stores.  Often the thrift and consignment stores have something nice and with the tags on them.  Just  a couple of weeks ago I was in a thrift store and found a pacage of nylon stockings that was unopened.  Just had to have them.

Can't wait until my next shopping trip!
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I shop at thrift stores all the time and find new with tags or nearly new constantly. Love it,!!!!!!!

You found some great bargains!

Good!!Lingerie is surely a sexy stunner. If you really like lingerie, You can go my online store, There are many many sexy lingerie and other sexy clothes. I will give you the lowest price!

Too bad you don't offer women's plus sizes in floor length satin nightgowns!!!

Hi Berta, Thank-you for your coment. That would be a wonderful ofering.

Indeed it would! I think the most discriminated against CD'ers and real women are those that wear plus size clothing! There are so few elegant silky satin feminine items of clothing, lingerie and sleepwear available to them in those sizes! This past Christmas (2012) and Valentine's (2013) Day seasons are worse than ever for offering anything remotely sexy for all feminine sizes. Even satin panties are difficult to find now both in store and on-line. I hope you'll soon be able to rectify this blatant discrimination in your on-line store!

I second that request Berta. I went to Catherine's today and was quite disappointed in the selection. I thought there might be some special items for Valentines Day. Twas not to find them.

Oh damn, Thanks for your sad update. I will have some real Berta time this Tues., 2/5/13, and was planning a shopping trip to Catherine's in Burlington, MA as I've always had success there with satin lingerie. Sadly the 6 pairs of satin hi-cut briefs I bought there last fall are too small for me even though I bought the same size (14) as the ones I'd previously bought there and still wear quite comfortably. Possibly they had complaints from others and that's why they've dropped them. Even Catherine's web site doesn't offer anything silky and pretty feminine lately, which is a damn shame!

Sorry to upset you. Many of the products are now Cacique and shared by Lane Bryant. They still have size 14 and 15 but are in a nylon or polyester blend rather than satin or cotton stretch. Tuesday Catherines in Burlington are starting their inventory at 4 AM. The sales associate told be they will have more clearance panties in next week.

How interesting, jml, are they opening at all on Tues. or closed all day for their inventory? OMG the very 1st satin panties I ever bought were the Cacique full cut briefs from Lane Bryant (no longer available). I must have 20 - 30 pairs of them and still wear as the fit is perfect on my fat frame. I miss them no longer offering them, but I haven't been into a L B in many years after they moved it in the Rockingham Park Mall in Salem, NH. Rarely get to that end of the mall.

The closest Lane Bryant is in Burlington in the shopping plaza with LL Bean just off of I95/128. It is good you bought as many as you did.

Actually for me the closest Lane Bryant is in the Rockingham Park Mall in Salem, NH. Have been to the one in Burlington as it's located where Raytheon's Spencer Labs complex use to be! Actually, if I recall correctly, they have 2 stores there one L B and the other Cacique.

Yes, years ago LB was in the Burlington mall. Several years ago they moved up to the center by LL Bean on 3A. Catherines is on the Middlesex Turnpike.

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I love shopping for fem wear for mysel. I do it dressed en fem and as well dresed as a man and have had no problems at all. I love it when they ask me if they are for my girl friend and I say no for me. Always love to see their expressions change. When they find out they always give me the best service I ever had,

They want you you to return and do more shopping.

Of course they do, but at the same time you can see that little gleam in their eye that says I'll bet this would be real sexy.