Went Shopping Today

Today I used a vacation day so I could go "window" shopping for lingerie.

My first stop was Dillards. I knew I wanted to look at the Miss Elaine nightgowns. I got my first Miss Elaine nightgown a few months ago and have enjoyed it.

I went shortly after the store opened up hoping the store would not be crowded. When I got there I didn't even see a sales associate in the lingerie department and there was no customer in sight. I picked out the nightgown I wanted and headed for the cash register to pay for it.

The lady working met me near and greeted me. She said "I see you found a nighty you wanted" We chatted while she scanned the nightgown. She had to be in her early to mid 50's. Part of me wanted to let her know it was for me, but I think she knew. After I made the purchase we chatted about different types of lingerie for about 10 min, I felt so at ease talking to her.

Here is a couple of pictures of what I got

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4 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Some "gurls" have all the luck! That's a lovely gown you purchased.

I once saw a lovely long satin gown on Dillards web site that was a lot like the first one of my mom's that I wore but it didn't come in my USA 3X (plus) size! I was willing to pay to have it shipped over to me. Sadly I just have a photo (from their site) and fond 50+ year old memories of what it was like. Never seen one like it ever again anywhere! Would like to have a gown like you've pictured made in silky charmeuse satin like in my profile pic.

love dillards. their lingerie is great the their SAs are so nice. glad you had fun. do tell us about your next trip

You have great taste in nighties enjoy while you can .

Thanks! I will definitely enjoy them

Sounds like you had a great time shopping and chatting with the associate.

Yes I did