My Girlfriend Took Me Shopping Over The Weekend...

Ever since I shared my desire to wear women's clothes, my girfriend had been very supportive and took me shopping. But before we did that I showed her what I had bought and she was impressed with my selection and color coordination. She even showed me some of her clothes that she would like to have me try on if I liked them, take them home with me and experiment.

Sat and Sunday it seemed we spend HOURS going from store to store looking, chatting and admiring. I was thrilled to have a girls day with her and talk about clothes. Though I could not try anything on we just admired everying from dresses, shoes, and various underware.

All in all we got 4 dressed, 4 or 5 pair of sexy heels, panties and bras ect. Once we got home, we had a ball just trying on clothes, dressing up and I really enjoyed how it felt to feel like a woman. All weekend I wore panties under my shorts and wore nice gown to bed. The most thrilling and enjoyable experience was my girlfriend put llpstick on (the kind that plumps the lips) and then she kissed me. I never knew what it felt like to kiss her and she never experienced being kissed with lipstick....that was new and very exciting--for both of us. She picked out a full set of gorgeous clothes for me to wear and to fullfull her fantasy of wanting to make love to a woman. Though we talked about having a 3 way, this was the opportunity to give her that and not have another woman in the picture.
Now I am home and putting my new clothes away and she will not have to bring as much to visit now that she has some here. What a great weekend, with a loving and supportive girlfirend.

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Aug 2, 2010