Medical Clothing Scrubs: From Drab To Fab!

Medical clothing scrubs need not be baggy and unfashionable anymore, one can find fashionable, comfortable scrubs in great colors. Medical lab coats finish off the look and are also used to differentiate doctors from other personnel.

Take a trip to the local hospital and you will find all the medical personnel, nurses, doctors, surgeons, nurse’s assistants and others all dressed in their medical uniforms.  Most of the times they are in fashion seal scrubs that are designed to be comfy as they go about their duties day in and day out.  If you have to be in scrubs almost on a daily basis, there is a need to make sure that they are trendy, fashionable and nice to look at.  It is for this reason that they come in a variety of styles.  Not only can you buy them off the rack, you can even have them tailor made to fit your body and fashion style.  Now you can wear your scrubs in cheerful prints, softer or bolder colors and more.  They have become a lot more personalized.

When selecting the medical clothing scrubs you will be wearing all day or all night, you need to select them with much care.  They need to be easy to clean and stretch as you will be doing some bending and lifting as you take care of your patients.  In addition, with shifts running for even 24 hours or more, they need to be extremely comfortable.  Nothing is worse than working a long shift with tight, uncomfortable clothes.  The material you use should be airy such as poly cotton or cotton.  These are materials that will allow the air to circulate so that if you are sweating they will allow any odor to leave and not have you fermenting in your own sweat.

Today the scrubs come in pullover tops and the pants generally have elastic or drawstring ties.  There are some facts about medical uniforms that you will need to know especially if you are just going into the industry:

  • Part of the uniform for doctors is the medical lab coats that are worn in order to stand out and be differentiated from all the other people working in the hospital.  Often, they come with pockets where the doctors will often stick their pens, stethoscopes and other items they will need as they go about making consultations in the hospital.

  • Lab technicians will also often wear lab coats but they do so over their regular clothes and not scrubs. Usually, they are worn to protect their clothes from materials that may spill on them.

  • Often nurses working in children’s wards will wear scrubs tailor made for that setting.  They will include cartoon prints, softer and cheerful colors aimed at uplifting the spirit of the children that they are taking care of throughout their shift.

It used to be that for doctors, a white lab coat was almost a status symbol but it serves the purpose of differentiating them in the hospital setting so that people can know which one is the doctor without having to be told.  Today, medical uniforms have moved from just a uniform to a fashion statement.  Are you keeping up with the times?
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Feb 20, 2013