I Am a Female and I ******* Ha...

I am a female and I ******* hate shopping. It's a waste of money and time!  I go in get what I need, and leave!
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aww i'm sorry to hear that!!! Although I completly understand it. The next time you get 3 seconds to yourself, I want you to go by something for yourself!!! <br />
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I feel the same way, 99% of the time!! But for me it's because it's a CHORE!! Grocery shopping, household shopping, and kid- clothes shopping! ARRRGH!! I hear statistically women are in a better mood if they get to go shopping for something for themseves. I wouldn't know! By the time I'm done shopping for the family and the house, I'm broke, tired, grumpy, and off to do the next chore!! lol.