It Can Be So Pretty

I have had short hair at different times in my life.  I will probably have it again, preferrably a pixie cut.  I had it extremely short and dyed platinum blonde for a while.  My sister-in-law said I looked like Susan Powter (remember her?).  That was NOT NICE.  She also said I looked like David Bowie.  But I felt really pretty.  I love to see a woman with awesome bone structure wearing short hair.  I also like a nice chin length bob--I'll probably cut my hair like that too someday.  Right now it's shoulder length, but that doesn't mean I don't miss the pixie cut sometimes. 

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I remember first seeing David Bowie with the adrogynous look and really thought it was a woman. Was at the time that my short hair fetish on women was starting to bloom and imagine how dissapointed I was to find out it was a man. Susan Powter had a fabulous cut, with the bleached platinum blonde really accentuating the cut. If you looked like her, you must have looked awesome! Often times an ultrashort cut can really bring out the facial structure. Women with high cheek bones look fabulous with short hair.

David Bowie has amazing bone structure.

Susan Powter was this fitness guru from the 1990's. Short-lived popularity. She had a blonde crew-cut and told everyone to "Stop the insanity!"

I always think that very short hair on women brings out their beautiful facial features,especially the eyes...lovely....

Go For it!

Secondbite, a pixie cut is a very wispy short haircut that fr<x>ames the face. Thanks for the comments, guys!

I sometimes miss my pixie cut too. I don't ever think I'll forget my Mums face, the day I came home from the hairdresser. My hair was short n' ultra blonde.... like ultra, ultra blonde n' did I mention Mum also fainted. lol :)