I love wearing short shorts, they really don't feel as revealing as they look but whenever I wear them they make me feel sexy. I have not worn them outside because I'm a little self-conscious.

Me in short shorts that I made from mens longer shorts. The pockets were the same navy blue color so I bleached them and now they brownish color.

What do you guys think? I will have some more pics soon, end of summer means sales on shorts and I've ordered a few pairs.
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I understand how you feel about wearing shorter shorts! It's a cruel world out there and if you even wear them especially in the US you are considered gay and a homosexual and I would never be gay cause eventually I want to be married to a woman and have a family of my own. I actually like wearing female short shorts cause they just feel WAY more comfortable than male shorts, but of course I don't wear them out in public. I only do at night when it's late and inside during the day so that's about it.

You look WONDERFUL!!! Love to see you in more short shorts!
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I responded a while ago that you should wear short shorts outside. People will notice but generally be favorable. I wanted to add a story. Last summer I frequently bought lunch at a seasonal take out food shop, always wearing short shorts. At the end of the summer season, I visited the shop and the woman behind the counter said, "See you next Spring. Keep wearing those shorts!".

You look FABULOUS!!! You should definitely wear them "out"!! Yes, you might feel "conspicuous" at first, but when you catch the glances and smiles, you will be hooked. Try it -- I think you will really like it!
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I love wearing short shorts too. I just got my first pair of short shorts about two years ago and bought some official 3inch inseam short shorts at Target this year. Later I picked up a few more pairs of them and I love them. I don't wear long shorts anymore. I wore them around the house and neighborhood first, then on vacation, and now whenever I wear shorts in public, I only wear short shorts. I'm a straight guy and wish that they had short shorts of this length in the men's department.

I don't like pockets on the back of shorts .... just seems to spoil the line of them. But pockets are always useful providing they're not too big. Wearing short shorts outside is easy in the summer, especially if you have the excuse of doing something active, like cycling or hiking ... but the fact is ... just wearing them for the enjoyment of it is good enough for me.

Although I don't care for the pockets sticking out, you should wear them wherever you want. No reason to be self-conscious about them. You are fit enough to look good wearing shorter shorts.

I'm not a fan of the pockets out either, it takes away from the aesthetic of the hemline but I didn't want to cut the pockets. Thanks for the encouragement.

Wear them outside. You look good in them. I did the same thing to a pair of Levi 514s (low rise, slim fit), but an inch or two longer because I don't like the exposed pocket look. I wear them everywhere. They are so much better than longer shorts.

I will wear them eventually, I think I will have to gradually get used to them. I'm in the generation that never experienced shorter length shorts.

Where do you get them? I've been looking for some for running. I end up usually choosing women's shorts cause they're much more shorter then guys. It's about time designers make women's clothes for guys!! skirts and short shorts!!

Those are shorts from H&M they were slim fit knee length shorts I bought on sale but never wore because they were tight near the butt but they were looser around the bottoms. I cut them shorter myself.

I just learned that most most skirts I wear. Most of them I have to tuck in cause I'm too short as a transwomen to wear full skirts lol what do you know! Full shirt lengths can look even better half tucked in!! :) - including stretch skirts too!!