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It has led me to lie my gender online in a few places. I know there are girls who read yuri as well, but majority is still men and many are surpised to the point of having to ask what the f*uck I'm doing on a yuri related site. It's easier to just pose as a guy. Then they don't think I'm a secret agent on a spying mission, or something.

I have watched/read only a few original series, but I'm a sucker for yuri fanfiction and doujinshi. (I write it as well, even though I'm not that good of an author. Gives me the kicks.) Especially from Naruto, which is one of my guilty pleasures.

I still remember my first yuri doujinshi, actually. I have read yaoi and hentai for a long time, but yuri has been more recent development. About three years ago I stumbled on YoruichixSoifon (Bleach) one, and it was remarkably well drawn. I liked a lot, and it was downhill from there. Or upphill, whatever.
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You are mistaken 80% of people who read yuri are girls don't belive me cheak yuri hime wiki and most likely the reason why 85% of hentai has it

But why shoujo ai? Why not shoujo? I'm not judging, I'm just curious. I love shoujo manga and anime, never read shoujo ai though. (Love naruto also :)