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A few months ago I was doing a random image search trying to find a new anime pic for my wallpaper. I ended up stumbling across of few yuri pics which somehow lead to me downloading Kanazuki No Miko which I fell in love with. After that I saw Simoun which I think was so good that anyone who is not completely turned off by yuri could enjoy. Strawberry Panic was good, I just wish their weren't so many filler episodes. The last ten or so episodes when things picked up made it so worth it. The only one I've seen that I didn't like was yami to boushi to hon no tabibito. Don't know why, for some reason it bored me and I thought the ending sucked. No offence to anyone who liked it. :)

Lately I've been having trouble finding more yuri to watch. I've tried going by a few lists I've found online but a lot of them list ones that are just regular anime. Which is fine, thats how I found Kiddy Grade which has become one of my favorite animes of all time. Still, I'd like to find more with some girlXgirl love. I have Blue Drop, El Cazador (not sure if its yuri), Maria Watches Over Us, and Uta Kada waiting to be watched. Any other suggestions?

Before I go, I'll leave you with my 2 favorite yuri themed AMVs of all time. I love them!

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I liked Sasameki Koto, Aoi Hana, Fu-Fu (Wife and Wife), "Chatting in the Amber Teahouse" as well as Hanjuku Joshi .<br />
<br />
the first two really deal with the effects of lesbianism, (Sasameki Koto deals with homophobia and the isolation of being a minority, and Aoi Hana deals with the effects of being "the experiment", the trauma of coming out, both of then also show a realistic portrayal of how homosexuality is looked upon in Japan.)<br />
<br />
In contrast, wife and wife is very lighthearted, they show a lesbian couple who are already together (and who have sex off-screen).<br />
<br />
chatting in the amber teahouse is pretty good, the fact that the boss is oblivious to her waitress's love for her, (even after all she does to get close to her) is pretty amusing.<br />
<br />
Hanjuku Joshi examines the effects of gender identity that is experienced by many lesbians, and also talks about lesbians sleeping with men in order to be more "normal".<br />
<br />
most of these come from Comic Yuri Hime.

I just looked up Mai Hime and Mai Otome on themanimereviews.org and it seems you are probably right, danielwain, Mai Hime is the better of the 2. When I'm done with El Cazador I might check it out.

I would rather recommend Mai Hime, it is a bit more dready and the characters are better (in my opinion). The plot does not really contain much yuri, but it was made pretty good and the characters have good stories. It might seem a little boring up to episode 16, but from this episode to the end it is pretty good and also a bit cruel and dired. If you are also in search for Mangas, I could recommend Girlfriends, it is pretty cute, but also makes you think a bit. At times it also contains some dramatic aspects.Gokujou Drops is also cute

Thanks for the recommendations, AllAboutLife. I'm already on season 3 of Maria Watches Over Us and I love it. I'm still gonna watch El Cazador, it looks really good. I tried watching Candy Boy a couple months back but I just couldn't get passed the twincest, lol. I've also finished Uta Kata, while I'll admit it was cute I wouldn't classify it as a yuri.

i agree, kannazuki no miko and simoun were amazing. el cadazor isnt really a yuri, but the relationship between the 2 main characters is amzing. maria watches over is has more subtle yuri, which makes it good even for little girls to watch. <br />
try aoi hana, it is really sweet, <br />
if yuri with ****** doesnt bother you, try out Candy Boy (dont worry, there isnt any sex scenes if that bothers you)<br />
also they say that Mai Otome is a good yuri. i havent watched it yet, but i intend to :D