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I reading too much yaoi lol, and I have to balance my self.. so I read yuri for the first time...I like the story mostly (the shyness its cute) but I dont really like the draw which I think too childish if someone can suggesting me a good art yuri (well likemost of yaoi look like ) ^ ^ thanks 4 reading
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Hm, I have to admit that I don't really know what most yaoi look like... You should probably share a little more information, like an example of what art you are looking for. Otherwise you can look in this group, there are quite some examples like 'Mai-Hime', 'Strawberry Panic', Simoun, especially 'Girlfriends' by MORINAGA Milk is great in my opinion and some others. You could also look for doujins, there are plenty doujins with Yuri out there. Just google Yuri doujin + an anime you like and you will most likely encounter some nice ones.

thaks alot 4 ur information danielwain ^ ^ sure I'll check that out, the most yaoi I like were drawn in mature way, the characters r having bishonen look