We had gone to branson missouri for a few days but when we went to our room after check in we found the coffee maker dis not work. I called the front desk and the young man said he would be right there with another one. My wife had just got out of the shower and had her robe on laying on the bed teasing me with one of her brests hanging out. I thought he should have already been there so i opened the door to look and there he stood, my wife was in shock! She pulled her robe over her b@@b but it was too late and when she did and laid back she uncovered her shaved pu$$y and when i turned back towards him he wAs staring at it. He had the biggest smile on his face and she did not realize it until he moved out from behind me and was still smiling and staring. It was a wonderful night and the same young man was at the desk when we checked out two days later and he had a hugh smile as he looked at my wife and she turned beet red, i loved it!
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Great fun! You need to go stay in hotels more often, and call for room service / whatever... ;)

luv to check her out, please add me?

Great story--I remember once, my wife was wearing a nightie and a friend came over, she had no bra on, so she hugged her knees to her chest to hide her boobs, and didn't realize she was showing her bare *****...at least, I didn't think she knew, then. now I'm not so sure...

That would be awsome!

A big turn on for everyone.

I am sure you gave him many ************ episodes after that

I hope so!

Thanks, me too!

Those unplanned events in life are usually our fondest memories.

For sure!

Love the spontaneous and accidental exposure.