A Life With The End In The Beginning.

I am black and was raised in the ghetto. Everything was an object to be taken or controlled. No one knew what the word romance  meant. We taught our selves that romance was getting a good looking woman in bed and having sex. I felt good, it was good and except for the occasional pregnancy it was good. I spent umpteen years of my life thinking that crap until close to the end of my life. I met a girl , we talked , and I felt my old instincts rise; but then something miraculous happened, I wanted to hug her and kiss her and not so much go to bed. Over a period of time it was like a a seed has been planted in me and I was feeling and acting more like her. I no longer saw other girls, they were a part of the background foliage. She was a part of me and this was new.
We held hands and meant it, We kissed and really meant it. The touch of her hand ; everything about her was precious to me. If you cound tell me what love is I could tell you how I felt. I's to late I missed all this happiness now that I am 50.
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Jan 19, 2013