On The Trip Home

I was going home from long trip and when the first night at a motel was given a room where lots of people walked by. First thing I did was open the windows wide, then took a pair of cut off bluegenes and cut the lets even shorter. I also split one leg all the way to the crotch on the inside of the leg. The best part was that there was a swimming pool right in fromt of my room. Every chance I got, which there was a lot of them, I would open the door and put my foot up on the rail between the sidewalk in front of my room and the swimming pool. That would open up my shorts pantleg just enough to expose myself and wow was it every a rush! Two different ladies would look right at my crotch whenever I came out to have a look around. As time went on that evening, I got harder and harder and more and more of me was exposed. When it got late, several of the ladies that had been in the pool walked slowly by my window and looked in as I lay on the bed with a very hard member as I pretended not to see them.

I hope to find a lady who also loves this type of thing and arange for her to expose herself with my help to see the effects on the men around. Makes me very excited to know they want to look at my gal.
whitebull2001 whitebull2001
Jul 24, 2010