Rice Village Romp

Sat morning I had to go to Houston to look at a Job we have going.
Drove over in early day. Got in town around 1100.
There is a lot of things going on inHouston these days.
Now I like a Run every day but this day, yesterday, I didn't have time.
I figured I would go for a run at the Rice University loop. It's 3 plus miles and is just about the best running loop around here.
Heavily shaded most everywhere, which you must have in Tex. must be 10K live Oakes all 30 years or do old.
Track is 10-12 ft wide and beautiful prepared. Lighted for any hour you might want to run. Nice security.
There are people using this all hours, all hours night and day.
Regular people like me, Med Center people, Students by the ton, professors, everybody going one way or the other, mostly clockwise.
This track is around Rice University. Rive university is like MIT. Kinda. Full of Rocket Scientists. Sheldon on Big Bang would have to work to keep up.
Anyway this is a nice place to run.
So before I left I gathered up a pair of Red Running Boy Shorts. These Shorts i just got from EBay. They look pretty good for 3.95 a pair. They are listed as underwere also but look to me like thin girls Volleyball shorts. Very short and tight but very comfortable. Stretchy. So im gonna wear them. Hopefully they can make 3miles in town.
yer type tank top, top layer only. Too hot to layer up. Only have top layers anyway.
They fit looser. Very loose. Big city nobody bothers you. Even when a Puppy jumps the fence now and then.
Anyway checked the job. Offered some suggestions then free for th day.
You can park your car sometime on th street in Houston, some places. Parking is crazy there.
Or one of the big parking garages.
There was a good spot right across from the loop though. Not busy at 12 noon. So I parked and had to change.
Got out on the sidewalk side. Plenty of people so no security problem.
Full of people going somewhere.
I don't wear under wear so all I had to do was take off my jeans, and change to my new Shorts.
I don't like to look goofy and am not a girl to get all embarrassed. So I took my time. Need to keep calm when naked. Gives a better impression.
Took off my Shoes first. Unbuttoned my jeans, took off one leg, then the other. Stood there bottomless as I folded my jeans nice and put them into the car.
First one leg then the other into my shorts. Pulled them up high to get the seam centered into my Cracks, front and rear. Get the zcamel toe looking good., Crowd starting to gather. took off the button up shirt I had on. Folded it up nice and put it into the back seat. My **** hanging and swinging as I did. Nipples hard as you could imagine. I could hear the camera phones going. Put on my tank top. Closed the door and set the alarm. Adjusted my **** to get them all in, at peats for a little while. Gave a bow to the folks, said I'll be back , maybe I'll see them again. Crossed the street and headed out. Run was normal. Tell you guys. On that track I'm just another pretty face, most much prettier than me. More good looking Hot *** running that loop than you can believe. And the guys are good also. From all over the world. But nobody had smaller, tighter, shorts on. I felt good moving along watching the people. Lots of times my **** will be out of my shirt or top and I don't notice. Happens to girls all the time if they have on a loose top. I could tell when the Puppies were loose though cauese the people comming toward me would get big eyes. Look dowd and sure enough somebody is loose. I would leave them out till I passed that person. Leave a good memory. Got thur my run and was thirsty. There are several small lounges right here in h middle of the campus. Area is Called Rice Village. Went into one. Now ever though lots of pretty girls I figured I was holding up pretty good. I wear a little pouch around the waist for DL, keys, Anda little money. Got a beer. Went over to the jute box, looking at the listing. UhOh my favorite wild thing right there and under it the other. Uh Oh I could feel myself slipping into my WILD side. When I was a kid I watched Mom dance around the place naked many times to these two songs. She shook and twisted and hunched air and rubbed her ***** against the door jams as she went crazy to these songs. Mom would end up grabbing a Lonk Neck beer bottle out of the fridge, pop the top off and **** herself with it. She would *** off a few times, used to scared me first time i saw her do this cause she would Scream and Howl like a mad Dog, she would calm down a little, pull the bottle out of her *****, wipe the foam off and drink the beer. Beer is beer not to be wasted. It's oldies but the beat and the DRUMS drive me till today. MASH POTATO------SOUTH STREET. I asked the BarTender to turn the volum up. I would make it up for him. There is a little stage for the band. I moved a drum set out of the way. Put a couple dollars in the machine and hit each twice,. Mash potato. I can go wild like Mom. I can twist and squirm and shake and roll around and go crazy when I let go. Used to have long hair which added but now I can do what I can do. I hunched air. The top came off. To, to hot for a top. Let the Puppies run naked. Three guys sitting at a table with their laptops open. Looked liks th three biggest nerds it the world. Not looking at their laptops now. I moved over to them and pushed my **** into their faces. Big **** flattening. One of the guys, bolder that the others. Reached and cupped each one and squeezed. Oh good, oh good I came off. Started howling, yelping like I do. I took my left *** and put it into his mouth. He chewed on the Nipple. Holy Moly. He chewed hard. Sucked hard, bloody mouth. I came off more, blood coming from my ***. Have to even this out. The nearest guy looked 16 just sitting there paralyzed. I shoved my right *** into his mouth. Chew boy, chew I commanded. He chewed. Harder make it bleed I said. He chewed hoarded, oh it hurt so good. Blood leaking from his mouth. SOUTH STREET. The Drumbeat. Howling. I didn't get naked cause not that kind of place. The barkeep eyes looking for a corner to clime in. Some guy looked like a teacher ran out the door. I though time to go. **** hurting anyway, nipples anyway. Felt like when my girl would chew them till raw. I loved that then too. Got my top slipped on, oh nips tender. Running Shoes on. Out the door. In 5 seconds just another Runner. Nipples tender. A lot. ***** hungry cause got nothing but rubout after runout. Came off many times but still ***** needs, ***** needs Got back into the car cause I had somewhere to go. Go straight up Shepard to almost the I10. There is a rough biker bar there. Rough. I know most of these guys and gals there. Wild types. Just what I hunger for now. ***** pounding for ****. The never ending NEED. If **** were blood I am a Vampire. No nerds there. Pool tables in back. I love pool tables. Time to pull a Train. A Saturday afternoon TRAIN. Karin
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Damn that's hot !!! Loved it thanks for sharing!! Look fwd to more

Wow, sounds hard to believe.

Very, very HOT!!! Wish I'd been at the Rice track to see you, or in the bar afterward to see you there - incredibly HOT!!!

Never before has running seemed so sexy


Love your story, I could feel your need.. it is so relentless.

Quite a woman.

Like your prose a lot.

Oh, my....and me being to old to take up running..Thanks for a hot story and thanks for sharing.


All that wasted energy girl .... a quick gym workout and plenty of bed... with a hot guy.... much better way to keep fit xxx

<p>Damn K ! i think i know you from another life ! You say things out loud that ive thought , but never verbalized to anybody before ! You are such an adventurous and generous lover ! I too love pool tables too ! they are great height for a good sucking and ******* ! id rack em up for you K if i could join your train too ! choo choo LOL</P>

Wow, what a sweet treat!
But how the hell did you get away with either of those public displays without someone calling the cops on you??? :-o

What a wonderful story! Shame I dont live around that area!

Let me know when you are running in London! lol

Great story!!

It's gotten my warmed up to see the real deal!! Would you add me as a friend, that I may see body that you describe so well!

Thanks in advance!! C' ya soon and comments to follow...