Nurse Baby Sitter

i had several experiences as a boy which still excite me today. once when i was about 10/11 my new baby sitter anna told me that it was time to have a bath and get ready for bed and if i was good i could stay up and watch tv. i went off to my room and started to get undressed and heard her run the bath. She called me in and asked me how hot i liked it whilst constantly testing the water. anna said she was a trainee nurse and did this sort of thing all the time. soon she turned off the taps and told me to get in. i turned my back to her, took off my pants and got in thinking she would then leave, but she didn't. i didn't like the fact that the water level was very low and didn't cover my penis so i hid it between my legs. she handed me the sponge and told me to wash which i did as she continued to talk. after a few minutes she said i was taking too long and wasn't doing it very well so she took the sponge and tookover. i was then told to stand so she could do the rest, embarrassed i stood up hiding my penis in my hands, she said not to be shy and removed my hands starting to wash me from the waist down. the sensation felt great and i started to get a little bit hard. the more she soaped around my penis the nicer it felt and my penis started to stick out abit as it got harder. anna just smiled and said not to worry as it was normal and i should enjoy my body. she said she would show me how to wash it properly and asked me to pull my foreskin back which i did, i was so excited that in a few seconds my penis went from being half erect to fully erect and throbbing. again she just smiled and told me not to be shy as she started to wash my penis head, explaining to me that this was the way to do it. the sensation was amazing and i had never experienced such a hard erection before, the foreskin wouldn't even go over the head anymore and it was pointing upwards.

when finished she asked me to get out of the bath and dry off which i did. she stood and watched as my penis bobbed up and down as i dried off. it felt great to be erect infront of a woman. as i put my pyjamas on my fun ended and that was that except i kept thinking about the experience.

about a month later i knew my parents would be going out and was happy to hear that anna would be coming. i was hoping i would get the chance to be naked infront of her again. when bathtime came i just took all my clothes off in my bedroom and  walked naked into the bathroom. a little surprised she said that's better nothing to be shy about is there and i got in the bath and started to wash. soon she left the room and said she would be back in a minute. i could hear talking going on and wondered what was happening, soon she entered the bathroom and much to my surprise she had a girlfriend with her. they were all smiles and happy and anna said they worked together at the hospital. helen said hi and said she would get a warm towel for me and find some clean pyjamas. meanwhile anna asked if i had finished and i said i still had my bottom half to do so i stood up and started washing my privates. helen soon returned and they stood there watching me wash as they talked as if i wasn't there. anna told helen she showed me how to wash my penis properly and helen said she was surprised to see that i have pubic hair already and have already developed. anna told her that last time i was shy and embarrassed when i got an erection, helen giggled a bit but said to me not to be shy as it was just normal and said she is surprised that i wasn't erect already. at this point all i had to do was clean my penis so i pulled the foreskin back and washed it. the sensation caused me to get a bit hard and when i let go it started bobbing up and down with excitement. helen and anna noticed and laughed, helen said she new i would get erect and wanted to see me with a full erection. just her talking about it made me so excited my penis quickly grew to a full size erection with the head sticking out. helen said it looked lovely and said i should be proud of it and not embarrassed. I said i was and loved the feeling when it was so rock hard. anna asked me if i had ever ejecul***d but i told them i didn't know what that was. they proceeded to explain masterb****g and laughing said i should try it sometime to relieve the pressure.

helen handed me the towel as they left the room and i quickly dried myself enjoying the sensation of my throbbing penis. i walked into my bedroom looking for my pj's but they weren't there so i called out and asked what they had done with them. anna apologized and said they were downstairs on the radiator keeping warm and helen would bring them up. when she came in my room she commented on my erection and asked how i expected to put my pj's on with a hard on and said now would be the perfect time to masterb***. she needed to say no more i was so excited, i took my erection and started wan*ing as fast as i could, helen said to slow down as she wanted anna to watch aswell. she called her up and they sat on the bed giggling as i stood in front of them about 3 feet away playing with myself. the faster i got the more they laughed and giggled and helen laid back on the bed. she caught me looking up her skirt and asked if i liked what i saw. i said i only saw her knickers for a short moment, with that she lifted her skirt to reveal her sheer knickers and i could clearly see her thick bush of dark pubic hair beneath. within seconds i shot a jet of splodge which landed all over anna's skirt and it felt amazing. we all laughed and giggled and remember it as though it was yesterday.

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I hope you got to go a lot farther with the girls the next time.

Bunch of bullshit

you are so lucky

like story

Grest story. It must have been quite exciting for these two girls to make you stiff and assist you in washing under your foreskin and having you **********. Girls are usually fascinated by the penis.

I like that baby sitter

If only we could all be so lucky

Man your stories are epic, I just have a question How old were Anna and Helen?

nice and sexy story