Erection Display

i remember when i was a kid i used to love showing my penis off as often as possible.

i developed very early and from the age of about 12 had a fully grown penis with hair and all. one summer my family and i were on holiday in somerset. we stayed in a chalet on a sort of holiday camp. on the first day after swimming i went back to the chalet with my sister to get changed, so we both went to our rooms. as soon as i was in my room i noticed that  you could see into the room of the next chalet but noone was in the room. i quickly showered then walked into my bedroom to dry myself. as i was towelling myself dry i noticed that there were now people in the  room next door. i quickly spied through the corner of the curtains to see who was in the room and i was so lucky to see 2 teenage girls. i was so excited that they maybe would see me naked and started to wa*k myself. as soon as i was hard i just put the towel over my head as if i was drying my hair and walked in to view of the girls hoping they would look out the window and see me. i kept peeking through the towel to see if they had seen me and after a minute or so one of the girls came right up to the window to check me out then got her sister to come and look. my penis was boobing up and down as i pretended to dry my hair and i could see the girls laughing with joy.

unfortunately the fun came to an end when my sister called out and said we have to go back to meet our parents by the pool, so i waved goodbye and left.

Fortunately on the next day the 2 girls came up to me in the pool and said they had seen me in my room and wanted to see me again. i told them i would show them everything if they could get away from thier parents for a while. we both told our parent some stories and went back to the chalet on this time the girls said  i should go in with them so they can see better. of course i jumped at the chance and was soon in their room.

the girls mandy and alice were 14 and 15, they sat on the bed with their towels around them and told me to get my trunks off, which i did. they both giggled as my penis came into view. ok mandy said, but we want to see it like yesterday when it was erect. alice laughed and said "come on wa*k it". Just them talking about it made me excited and i just started playing with myself. soon i was erect and throbbing, the girls laughed and giggled which made me more excited. I stopped for a while and stood there with my full erection for them to see. mandy said it looked great with the head poking out and pointing upto the sky and asked if she could touch it. she soon had her very feminine hand wrapped around my erection and tugged on it abit, then alice said she wants to feel it too and so the both of them kneeled on the floor in front of me and just played with it between them. mandy asked me what to do to make me c*m, but i said it would be easier for me to show them. i just wan*ed as hard as i could and the girls loved watching me so close up. again alice said they want to do it so i let them continue knowing that i was about to c*m. alice grabbed my erection and wan*ed it as fast as she could, mandy was giggling and waiting her turn. just as she wrapped her hand around me i couldn't hold back any longer and a huge jet of splodge shot out and landed all over mandy's face and hair. alice couldn't stop laughing and said she was surprised to see so much splodge shoot out. we all laughed and arranged to do some more games during the holiday. tbc

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This story is EPIC! "Artificial" or not, this is a Hall of Fame piece bro. lucky bastard

I cant help but be skeptical. I say this because I've read a lot of erotic novels and hentai, and this just seems way too artificial to be true.<br />
<br />
I mean come on, a 14 year old girl saying 'wow, your penis looks great with it's head pointing out and up to the sky'.

i have to agree its a great story.

This is an excellent story. It is astonishing that after well over five hundred views, these are the first comments to be submitted. It brings the reader to attention (no pun intended) quickly and holds it till the end. But the end comes (no pun intended again) way too soon. It could serve very well as the outline for a publication ready story attractive to a sizable audience. It is worthy of expansion, and definitely is worth the professional editng of which it is in serious need. If its author would like to have either or both of these services provided, he is invited to contact David at ""