I Have Hard Nipples

I like walking down the street braless (witch I am always) and see the reaction off people who are looking at my 36D boobs bouncing and my hard nipples peaking thru my top. It is very exciting for me and I have never had any disapproval or bad comments from anybody just a nice smile or a wink and I even got a congratulation from a women who said to me that she was not brave enough to go whit out a bra but approved me 100%.

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I'd love to run into you on the street!

I would like to see your hard nipples.

That's great you got a comment like that from a women, hopefully you might of encouraged her to give it a try.

I told her to try it but she said she was not ready for that.

Nice, I certainly would not complain.

Never had any complaints from men.

Must be a nice view for everyone in the street

I hope so

Those big babies must be a beautiful sight as they bounce and sway freely as you walk towards me. I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off them but I certainly would be smiling.

You are right they bounce a lot and I get plenty of smiles from men.

I'm smiling just thinking about them bouncing towards me lol. There's nothing nicer than seeing a woman proud to show off her lovely big boobs for everyone to admire. Thanks.

The first thing is the comfort and the freedom I get not wearing a bra and I also like the reaction I get when men see I am braless it's a nice feeling.

I'm guessing that apart from the comfort and freedom and the admiring looks and smiles that you must also enjoy the stimulation from your nipples rubbing against the fabric of your clothes and feeling them harden and enhance your lovely big boobs even more.

You are right my nipples are constantly hard at home I am always naked so they are hard from the air on them and when I have to dress to go out they get hard from the rubbing agains the fabric. That is the way I like them to be.

It must be difficult for you to resist the temptation not to be always playing with them in their hard sensitive state lol or do you just take time out to give them plenty of attention when you feel the urge. Which do you prefer, the air or the fabric making them hard? Would you be so kind and add me as a friend too?

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I wish there were more like you!

That's the way I am, I don't like wearing a bra so I don't wear one it is a personal decision I toke I want to be comfortable so I don't wear that contraption.

Then keep on the way that feels best for you. I never understood how women wear those if they feel so uncomfortable. I will never complain about a braless woman. In fact, when I do see one, she has attracted more attention from me. :)

It is true I have all the attention on my breast when they see I am not wearing a bra and in my case it is quite obvious by the way they move and sway.

Just the way things should be, if you're comfortable not wearing a bra then nobody should complain.

I hate bras I don't even own one I love my babies to be free to move as they want.

The first thing my partner does when she gets home is take off her bra. I've read that going without a bra is healthier for the breast muscle support. You have nice breasts and great nipples.

Live your profile pic n would love to see more of your fabulous **** n very suckable nipples please add me as friend and i will comment for you ...

Thanks for the comments.

Looking at your profile pic, you will NEVER get a complaint by showing off your **** and hard nipples...but you WILL cause lots of hard ons! ;) Would love to see more. Please add us.

Thanks happy you like them.

I love it when my wife goes bra less, it is so sexy seeing her hard nipples poking out. Sadly she is too self conscious to go out like that...
Oh well hopefully in time she will get a bit more daring.

Yes it is exciting the hard nipples poking out the free boobs bouncing, juggling and swaying I love that but at the same time it is a question of comfort I don\'t wear a bra because I hate that contraption I want my **** to be free to move as they want they are much more comfortable braless and I will never go back on wearing a bra for the rest of my life.
Hope that your wife will be able to feel the comfort and the freedom of being braless.

oh, the smile counts as well, believe me. A lady smiling is a beautiful sight for us guys.....more so when she is braless with her hard nipples showing thru' the top.

Please add me, would love to some pics of urs..

Yes you are right I smile a lot because I am proud of my big **** even if they sag a bit but I don't care I love to be braless which I am always and my nipples are always hard from rubbing on the fine cloth I wear and there is no doubt when they see me that I am braless.

mine are 34 dd but i can't go braless as much as i like :( ( i work for my dad) but my nipples are like pencil erasers, always hard, and show through most of my bras anyways. i love catching some guy looking, and then pretending to be mad. i love watching them nothing gets me hotter than dude giving the girls the attention they need.

You are right I feel very sexy when people look at my bouncing braless breast and my hard nipples I look at them whit a big smile but I don't think it's the smile they want to see because there eyes are glued on my **** and thats ok because I love it.

Wow ! you cant beat the sex appeal , confidence and raw sexual energy of a busty braless lady ! you are awesome . kudos. xo peter

I have not worn a bra in over 20 years and I don't even own one love to much the freedom it gives me. Being a full time nudist when I have to go out I put on less clothes as possible no bra no panties and very comfortable whit that

You are right I never add any complaints

gotta love exhibitionist ladies. i love that see through top you are wearing in profile pics

I love it to that is what I wear when we go clubbing

Can you please share a pic of those hard nips nudista

I'd love to have a peek at your lovely breasts and hard nipples Gr8white you are very sexy

What a great story, I enjoy being nude at home and have even been to a nude campground on a number of occasions. I find nothing wrong with this and don't think we should look to others approval. We should just enjoy what we have.

I agree whit you completely

Wow thanks very hot and sexy thanks for sharing your story.

In a public park

Where is the most public place he has fingered you between your legs?

Yes and I love it

Very nice, does he ever touch you there in public places?

That's what my hubby does he encourages me he knows I like to go underwearless when I have to dress up

I love that you do that, and I love it more that it excites you to do that. If you were with me, I would completely encourage it, and I would take advantage of it as well. Touching you between your legs whenever I wanted to.

Especially now whit summer coming lighter top on my always braless **** and my hard nipples poking thru the light material it is very exciting

I find it very exciting too when I let my G cups go braless. Love the feel of the material straining over my full breasts and buttons even popping open, knowing my big hard nipples are even more visible.

I wish that more women felt the way that you feel.

You are so right God gave me **** and I show them