The First Night

Id been married for three years and had been faithfull, then on a night out with the girls I got a bit tipsy and ended up dancing with a young lad. we were having fun and he kept touching my legs and skirt which was ok.

but as the night went on he kepy lifting my skirt which I automatially pulled back down, but he started to kiss  me and kiss my neck and I stopped worrying what he was doing with my skirt. the first thing I noticed was that he had taken off my panties which unluckily for me had been side tie ones and easy to remove. then i noticed we were being whatched and when I looked down my top was down showing my breasts and my skirt up showing my wet *****.

rather than being shocked or embrassed I liked the idea of being looked at and had a nervous excitment feeling which turned me.

I dont know why but I slapped the lad and ran to the toilet, while there I couldn't help but feel great about the thrill of people looking at my body and now regularly show off all I can in clubs, pubs and anywhere I can

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48 Responses Dec 14, 2009

What a wonderful way to start a new chapter for the good times you can have hope hubby enjoyed it

Oh you naughty woman. ;o)

I think you should do more of it.

That must have been some show !

Hot story. I understand the thrill it gave you

And what a fabulously sexy hot body you have!!

You are one beautiful women to look at

Wonderful to hear you enjoy your body and sexuality so much! I hope the pleasure has grown over the years!

I envy that lad. Mmmmmm

Would you like to show me?

You certainly have the body for showing off!!

Show me please.

You live well!!

very hot -


Add me

Let's hang out together. What clubs do u chill at !!

I love ******* especially panty free

Sometimes that exhibitionist part of us comes out and knowing someone was watching and seeing is a definite thrill....

Be happy he got to enjoy what he did!!!!

Id love to see your body

Amazing start, and love that you enjoy it so much.


The is just something fun about being naked in public and also being admired.

bAre Hugs

sounds like you like being exposed in public it really turns you on
and that you like some one else to be in control of exposing you

Well young people have to be put in their place now and then... But on the other hand you had a great time and you enjoy the attention now....

Show me more please send me a picture now mm

wow !!! what a great experience !!

Super hot I would have taken that slap with a smile on my face

I love a naughty woman mmm

I would love to see more of you! I'll gladly share my pics they are freshly taken at the time we chat also I don't do like some send old junk! It's more erotic to be at and in the moment

Good girl

That is so sexy i love it!

That is the true power!

I want to she all of it now.

Great story...thank you...would you please add me?

You can show it off to me anytime!

Wow, what a naughty girl u r!!!

Oh what a shame to slap the lad. You should let him carry on and you will be grateful to him to give some extra thrill in your life.

Let's ho out clubbing. You can slap me with your ****.

How are you? Lucky Lad

A side of you that you weren't aware of surfaces.

Sounds like fun nights :0)


Sounds like quite the rush!

Very naughty!

Very naughty!

Sorry I missed that. Actually, I'm sorry I was not the lad. It would have been worth a slap.

Now ya gotta let us all know the following: what city, what club, what night! Tks for sharing. Bill in Va.

Hmmmmmm I can't wait to see your hot looking body..........make me a friend!