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The First Night

Id been married for three years and had been faithfull, then on a night out with the girls I got a bit tipsy and ended up dancing with a young lad. we were having fun and he kept touching my legs and skirt which was ok.

but as the night went on he kepy lifting my skirt which I automatially pulled back down, but he started to kiss  me and kiss my neck and I stopped worrying what he was doing with my skirt. the first thing I noticed was that he had taken off my panties which unluckily for me had been side tie ones and easy to remove. then i noticed we were being whatched and when I looked down my top was down showing my breasts and my skirt up showing my wet *****.

rather than being shocked or embrassed I liked the idea of being looked at and had a nervous excitment feeling which turned me.

I dont know why but I slapped the lad and ran to the toilet, while there I couldn't help but feel great about the thrill of people looking at my body and now regularly show off all I can in clubs, pubs and anywhere I can

sarinakitten sarinakitten 31-35, F 11 Responses Dec 14, 2009

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You definitely have a body which deserves to be shared and admired!

sounds like you are not shy any more and you enjoy going out more.

Sounds like fun nights :0)


Sounds like quite the rush!

Very naughty!

Very naughty!

hot thing, must be fun knowing men are always trying to get in those panties of yours.

Sorry I missed that. Actually, I'm sorry I was not the lad. It would have been worth a slap.

Now ya gotta let us all know the following: what city, what club, what night! Tks for sharing. Bill in Va.

Hmmmmmm I can't wait to see your hot looking body..........make me a friend!