Showing My Knickers

In much younger days I wore miniskirts a lot and would show glimpses of knicker, accidentally of course. The reactions were pleasing to see and I found it a turn on that they could look but not touch. A good place for this was on long escalators on the London Underground and mounting the stairs of a double decker bus. I did not have the courage to go out with no underwear but judging by result it did not matter anyway. If it was a windy day then I would select a flared skirt. I only do it now for my subbiehubbie when in a tease and denial mode as it turns him on so much
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Lovely, that must have been so nice :-)

Hi, that is a lovely story, thanks for sharing. I love to see up a woman's skirt, and I certainly try every day on the train and tube into work...but alas ***sigh*** i never see anything at all, or very rarely anyway. It is encouraging to know that there are ladies out there that do enjoy showing their knickers though x

Hey what a then on. There was a period about 15 years ago in my marriage where I constantly fantasized about my wife being with other men. I took her out to dinner one night to one of those steak house restaurants and told her when we left the house to take her panties off. It really turned her on which really turned me on and strangely made me a little jealous but that just elevated my excitement. She was a real hard body curvy woman with great legs, a-s-s and a pretty face. The men were looking. Some men were by them selves, probably away on business. I encouraged her to spread her legs a little bit and let them see up her dress and she did because it pleased me and it drove her into a state of high adrenaline excitement. We couldn't Wait to have sex when we got to the car and did it there and 3 or 4 times on the way home. I used to tell her that I was going to bring friends home to have sex with her and she would have done that for me but I didn't do it. Then one day shortly after we stared this episode she said that was it. No more fun stuff. Now I wish I had brought home a friend for her before she got guilty and put a stop to it. That brief episode was the best sex we ever had. A few years later she started to let her appearance go. Boy was she hot and beautiful up to then. Religious guilt.

Well done my dear. Please be aware that a pretty pair of panties can be Far more exciting than going without. Keep teasing!!


You should still do it. It is so sexy to see that.

There is nothing as sexy as seeing a flash of leg or knickers mmmmmm

Never too old there is always someone who'll enjoy. You could put a few different pairs on and send me the pics I enjoy. Bit hard for me to see in person too far away but would love too.

Never too old MC..

Good for you, Miss Carole, you show them love.

what do you show?