Flashing My Legs

When the weather is warm I love to wear my shortest skirts. I have lovely thighs and a pert bum, it gives me a real thrill to see men and women eyeing me as I walk by. The staff at the stores I visit know I am a cross-dresser but they also like to see a nice display of leg. I love to see their faces as I, purposely, bend or walk upstairs flashing my thighs and tiny panties for them. As a boy at school I loved to see my girl friends showing their panties and still get lots of enjoyment from a flashing pair of legs and the lovely quick glimpse of pantie clad pert bum cheeks. In Taunton there is a ladies that is up two short flights of steps and in the summer its lovely to casually glance as ladies walk up the steps to the toilets, makes me so iron hard as I imagine them slipping them down. Life is all about enjoyment and as long as that pleasure does not intrude, hurtfully, on peoples privacy, then I say just be happy and go for what you feel best with.
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I'm glad there are some of us who aren't afraid to showo their stuff, expecially with a "pert bum." My aunt used to say, "if you got it, flaunt it."

What a good point you made at the end of your story. I have never really understood all the fuss about guys in skirts, when it causes no harm to anyone else ! I am lucky to have pretty good legs, so I always wear a very short skirt to the beach in summer, or out with our dogs too !

i also love dancing wuth strangers who enjoy fondling my shiny panties while my boyfriend looks on. My mini skirt is way too short to cover my white fullback panties.

great great..........I like it.

My girlfriend loves to tease me when we go to fancy dress parties.
She likes her old school uniform because it shows off her panties, especially when she raises the belt by a few inches.
Last week she arrived wearing black stockings with suspenders, and white nylon/velvet shiny panties. This looked so good with her green pleated skirt and white blouse.
At the party, she danced with Johnny , a big lad who could not keep his hands off her when they were dancing.
When she sat down on a sofa with me, she was flushed with excitement and made no attempt to cover her legs.
"Darling," she whispered, "Johnny wants to take some photos with his phone. Do you mind?"
I told her it was fine,so long as I could watch.
A few minutes later we were inside a bedroom with the door locked.
Johnny was stretched out on the floor, with my girlfriend standing over him.
"What can you see?" she asked.
"Your white knickers."
"What else?"
"Your black stockingtops and suspenders."
"Do like looking up girls' skirts?"
"I live for it. "
""That's very naughty. "
"Then you need a good spanking. Stand up and bend over my knee. "
I took over the camera and pointed it straight at her pert little bum..
Slowly he rolled up her little skirt until it revealed white silky knickers. I loved the wrinkles as the material clung to her thighs and stretched tightly across her bum.
Johnny started to massage her through the silky material.
"I love your panties. So soft and shiny."
My girlfriend reached out a hand and felt a bulge on his pants.
"You're a big boy. Do my panties have such an effect on you?"
"Oh yes, you'd better believe it. Take my pants down. "
"Oh you naughty boy. You are looking in that mirror You can see right up my skirt if I kneel down. Let's get these pants off so i can feel your ****. Can you see all my panties now?"
He lifted up her skirt so he could see her full back panties, shining in the bedroom light.
She felt his balls as the other hand stroked his erection.
Johnny gasped and gently spanked her cute little bottom. "Oh that/s so good. Tell me about your favorite knickers. It excites me so much
"I love white frilly knickers. It seems to excite the lads so much when they look up my skirt.
What do you like?"
"Big bikini knickers. Like you are wearing. Plain white but with lots of frills across the backside. Just right for spanking."
"You are so naughty. I bet you like the can-can."
"All those knickers and swirling skirts. Just like now. I can see right up your skirt ."
"Oh Johnny. You're coming. Looking at my shiny panties. And I'm having an ******."
I took the memory pad from the camera and left it on the bed. My girlfriend took my arm and we returned to the party.
"Sweetheart," I said, "You'd better change your panties now. How about your can-can frillies?"
"Your favorites?"
"Well, can't a boyfriend have some fun?".
"All in good time, kind sir. After I have had some pleasure."
I put my hand up her skirt and squeezed her panties.
"I think that can be arranged."
"Oh monsieur. I like it!"

Im with you Steffi. There are few things in life as being out in "the real world" fully dressed, and looking fabulous, which of course, includes showing our sexy legs, especially if they are graced with a pair of sexy heels or boots, so empowering!!

This is a beautiful desc<x>ription of what you do and the thrill you give others, would not have the ability or nerve to do it myself..........but still flash stocking tops and panties at met ups.

Hi Christine, its wonderful what you do, I'll bet you are so gorgeous, Love Steffi xx

wonderful xxx

I love showing my legs as well.

Wonderful Robyn. I love not only the looks but also the feel of summer air on my thighs, little gusts of wind that lift my mini and give somebody a lovely sight and, hopefully, lots of naughty thoughts. Steffi

It is great and the cool spring and autumn air after a warm day around my legs and up my skirt is great as well. I still show some leg in winter with a short skirt, knee high high heel boots and a thick fluffy top as I only get mild winters where I am

Robyn, I would walk the Kalahari Desert for a glimpse of your lovely legs. Steffi xx

I will meet you half way to see yours. Robyn xx

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i love littel dresses lace thong lacy busttia andfishnets and garter belt all i wont is all man i can im so gay any man can have me

Gorgeous xx

How I wish I could visit Taunton...I would love to watch you in your panties...xxx

I work mainly from the M&amp;S store there. Steffi xxx

I also visit lots of stores in the West Country, down as fas as Lands End xx

It sounds like you have foeund a great place to be in your life good for you.

Yes, its taken years and more than one bad moment, but I wouldn't chnage anything for the world. Thanks for your comment. Steffi xx

Nicely said. You do look very pretty.

Thanks Rachel, hope you have a wonderful Year, Love Steffi xx

Well said Sis.

Happy New Year Sherry, thanks for your lovely comment, Steffi xx

You're most welcome Sis.