I Feel Ashamed....

I feel quite ashamed but I have always enjoyed men looking up my skirt and seeing my knickers

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5 Responses Sep 16, 2012

nice, never be ashamed, men are voyeurs, Thank you

My dear, I could look at that, ALL day. Please continue to flash a glimpse of your panties, it will brighten the lives of people who will smile for a very long time. Well done!! Encore please.

you look good, i like the photo

Do you have a sex life too? Are you married or single. I know how you feel and I am male but I do get off to showing my panties sometimes. When I was younger it was a super thrill and scary too. It always led to an ****** for me, sometimes in my panties up to two or three times if I thot it was a good display of my panties and I knew for sure they had been seen. Twice I had nasty comments made by men the women were with but not in my face but close enough to hear. I didnt mean for them to see and dont think they did but the ladies told them I think !!

Great, I am glad you are not alone and I just love your picture. I wonder if I can print it so I can look at it when I want? It is beautiful to me. Thanks for putting it on EP. I would put a pic in but I dont seem to make the connection for some reason. I even contacted EP and followed thier instructions to the letter. Maybe its this old pc? I just bought a new printer and scanner so may try it again. Hmmm! Just curious but I think you are wearing a brief panty girdle in that lovely pic? Right?

Thanx again, the printer worked great and I sent your pic to a friend since I admired it so much. I just got a feeling that you are a real nice person.

Never feel ashamed for showing allmor parts of your body ever Bodies were meantto be watched and admired always