I Confess...

I have to confess I do get a delicious mixture of embarrassment and excitement from showing off my knickers. As a schoolgirl I first realised the excitement of a brief flash of knickers during gym lessons. Carelessly bending forward to pick up the ball during tennis as the boys ran passed.
Occasionally I manage to recreate that moment with a very short dress in the supermarket, picking something off the bottom shelf.
Another fave of mine is the ‘accidental’ glimpse a high bar stool and careless leg crossing or drifting apart of the knees can afford.
I want to know this- do you men out there appreciate these glimpses?
Do you have any more suggestions?
B x
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

i always enjoy a little peek up someones skirt. it can be embarrassing if you are caught looking though lol.

we love those glimpses! we will appreciate if you flash naked *******! and naked ******** too!