Snooker Show Off

Jenny came home, looking a little breathless. Here is her story.

We finished work early. So I popped into the social club with my boss..
After a couple of drinks, he invited me to a game of snooker. He offered to teach me. I was wearing a nice summer dress which was a lilttle too short for this!

"Lean over the tablet  and place your cue in front of you.".

I did as he asid, aware that my flirty skirt was rising to show off my white suspenders. This quite excited me. I leant further so my skirt rose even higher..

"Now I'll show you how to cue off."

I felt his right hand resting on my satin white panties as I moved even lower..

"Keep your eyes focussed on the ball you want to hit while I enjoy your naughty knickers."

Oh sir, I replied. Are you looking up my skirt?

"Of course. Are you complaining?!

I reached back to feel the front of his pants.

No. I love it when men look up my skirt. And I can feel you like it.

"Very much. Let's lock the door and enjoy ourselves. Tell me about your favourite phantasies. "

My boyfriend spends half his time buying me underwear. And my phantasy is taking your coffee into the office with me in a little black dress with petticoats.
As if put down your coffee on the desk, you lift up my skirt and have a really good look at my silky  panties.

"That would certainly get the day off to a good start. Tease me now while I sit down on an armchair and look at your lovely stockings."

I obeyed and stood in front of him. lifting my skirt.

Jenny looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes.

Or shall I turn round? she asked.

"Turn round so I can enjoy  your pert little cheeks."

I felt his hands all over my bottom and suspenders..

"Jenny, this is so erotic. Undo my pants and take me to heaven."

He pushed it against my shiny panties and rubbed it to a clinax.

Is  this a sign of things to come?

I think promotion to PA is called for,, Jenny added. And you can buy me panties!

If you teach me snooker.

"Lets cue off and I will show you a trick or two."

IJenny winked at me as I lifted up her skirt.

"My darling Jenny, did he sink any balls after that? "

No. But guess where I got these blue knickers from?

Jenny turned round as I fondled her pantyclad bottom.

M and S. And wait and see what else is in this bag.

I was not disappointed as I found an opening for my own hardness.,

Promotion was certainly  a good reward fpr her delight in showing off her saucy knickers.

And I love hearing about her adventures.

It's a real turn on.

vincentrobin vincentrobin
Dec 10, 2012