Cancan Auditiion

Jenny came home and told me about an audition for the firm's operetta.
The producer wanted a cancan dance routine in the finale.
"I lifted up my skirt for the trial. His eyes trained on my stockings..Do you like panties? I asked him..
"Oh yes. Now let's see yours," he replied. "You have great legs."
Do you like white plain or frilly knickers?
"Both. Let's hav a good look up your skirt."
"You naughty man," I replied as I lent forward  throwing my skirt back so he could get a good look at my legs. and bottom. I felt his hands all over my frilly white knickers and suspenders.
"Do you like men stroking your knickers? They are so shiny. What would your boyfriend say ?"
"He would not mind. He is in the chorus. So he will have a good look as well."
I felt his hands between my legs  and reach the Gspot .It was so erotic. "
"Would he mind if Danilov gives you a gentle spank on your panties in front of the audience?"
"No. Would you?"
I agreed, pulling her over my knee.
"Like this?" I said, as I lifted up her skirt and petticoats, to expose her frilly shiny white panties.
"Now who's a naughty boy," she I  stroked her gently, enjoying the silky material .
"OOh that's so nice. I love it when people look up my skirt. Smack me!"
I needed no further encouragement, as I pulled her knickers down to her suspenders.
"Jenny. You are wearing white schoolgirl knickers as well. . You really are a tease. "
"I know. Just like the boys used to spank me at college.
We girls always dressed up for the parties, to tease them. My favourite costume was a black and red minikilt. And there were no complaints as they explored my white shiny panties underneath. Black stockings were appreciated too!"
I felt Jenny undo my pants and release my member.
"Sweet dreams," she whispered. "Smack my bottom, darling. I have been so naughty.."
The end

vincentrobin vincentrobin
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I have a red sequine cancan dress and love wearing it with frilly girly panties. I love holding the sides and swinging it from side to side. Wearing a girls dress feels so sexy.