Black Knickers

This is a true story................ By Rod

A few years ago I jokingly said to Mary my girlfriend to send me a momento of her, I heard no more for a few weeks until one morning a comparatively small package arrived by post, I knew by the writing that it was from my girlfriend.
Later that evening while I was alone I eagerly tore open the package to find a pair of Mary's silky see-through black knickers, it had a little metal gold heart attached to it by a chain.
My heart was throbbing at the anticipation and the fact that I had in my hands a very intimate piece of personal clothing which was worn by my girlfriend.
My **** was straining at this point and I decided there and then to ***** off and pull on those pair of black knickers.
Luckily (or unluckily) I have a fairly large **** which extends up to about eight and a half inches and is very girthy.
Slowly I pulled on the knickers watching it stretch as it neared my nether regions, it was quite elasticated and fitted me very well indeed.
As I turned to see myself in the mirror the view was awesome to say the least. My **** was now creating a very large bulge in the very fine and elasticated material, what a turn on, if only Mary could see the effect it had on me I wondered what would be her reaction. Some time later having put that black knickers away for safe keeping, I eventually forgot where I had hidden it and never found it despite many exhausting missions.......what a pity......would have like to see her reaction.
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

A similar thing happen to me. I had been in touch via another site with contacts from another country They sent me (that is Mum &2 daughters) each pair of worn knickers so that could smell their *******! They wanted me to wer them as well!

One should never ever forget where they stashed their knickers. Sheer black nylon has the same effect on my and I love seeing women wearing full fashioned stockings held up by a garter (suspender) belt and just covering the welt of the stocking. I can only imagine what it must be like when they need to pee and have to pull them down.