Navel Saree
Beauty of a woman has always been the center of admiration not only for men but for all. One of the main components of the beauty of a woman is the navel beauty of a woman. A beautiful navel base adds to the beauty of a woman. In other words, a beautiful navel base is a feather to the cap of a beautiful woman. However the navel base can also suppress the beauty of a woman. Those women who have beautiful features but have an out of shape navel base are considered less beautiful than they actually are. Hence the beauty of the navel base of a woman plays an important role in the beauty of the woman.

In India also, there is a great appreciation of the navel beauty. Women in India mostly wear navel saree. An attractive navel saree is worn at important functions by almost all Indian women of any class and any society. The important functions are attended by a woman of Indian origin adored in beautiful navel saree. The page 3 women can also be seen adored beautifully in navel saree. Stars like Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, etc have maintained the beauty of their navel and thus have started a trend of keeping a beautiful navel among the women. Same has been done by the female celebrities of the world. The navel photos of the beautiful celebrities are also famous. There are photo shoots also that are conducted especially to capture navel photos. Now-a-days it seems like a trend to have beautiful navel and to show it off by wearing a navel saree. Even the foreign female celebrities that visit India on some particular occasions are seen wearing sarees and showing their navel beauty. The navel photos of the women are quite famous among the men.

Men get carried away easily watching the navel beauty. One of the most attractive features of a woman according to men is her navel beauty. The navel photos of beautiful ladies are available on the internet. Such navel photos are available for free on several websites and are frequently downloaded by various people.
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2011

I agree with your views on beauty of navel in women

I think every Bollywood musical had at least some navel exposure now, which is a wonderful thing! Indian woman are so beautiful and it makes sense they would be in touch with the beauty of their bellybuttons.